Best Nintendo GameCube Controllers

Best Nintendo GameCube Controllers

Nothing ruins the fun or predicament in gaming if not for a badly functioning control of the game.

For years now, gamers have found solace in the physical, mental and emotional testament provided by games. Taking that into the light, the gaming industry has grown widely in all genres of toying with the human emotional quotient. This is done to make a game as interactive, entertaining and challenging as possible. There are many companies who sponsor, develop and distribute video games of all such varieties. It all, however, boils down to just one significant part of the gaming experience: controlling the character.


Recap of Gaming Controls

 Recap of Gaming Controls

Unlike the early times, like in the 1980s, games today arrive in various controlling devices. They could be any of the following:

  1. Gaming enabled computer mice for emulated games. E.g., PUBG-M on a computer device via emulator.
  2. In-built controls for a mobile device like swiping, slashing and moving.
  3. Gaming consoles like gamepads, joysticks, etc.

One control that goes haywire and your entire game collapses with that slip. Controls are an integral part of gaming. Without these, the game is non-existent and absolutely insignificant. Their role is major in games, especially at the peak points of tense combat where there are only two options: Do or Die.

What a devoted gamer like you would want to prefer, at any time, is the third option- an excellent gaming control that suffices to your comfort and offers you the best gaming experience ever. For fulfilling this very purpose, game developers have also resorted to producing gaming consoles. Nintendo has one such acclaimed gaming device with a switch. This device has been serving as a gaming standard in the industry. What about it?


Nintendo GameCube Controller


Nintendo is a renowned MNC known for the most-played and well-known game of Pokémon. In 2001, their GameCube controller was extensively used and was known for its efficacy and smoothness in controlling. It costs anywhere from around $30 to $150, based on the various other features it offered, like colors and adapters. But, that is the standard controller.

In the later years, with the advent of newer and more challenging games, came the need for stronger control. The in-demand game that seems to be the oxygen for many gamers is the Super Smash Bros. Unlimited. This game is rather very competitive that requires practice and performance. For this matter, what are the various types of GameCube controller for sale?


Here’s a list of GameCube controller for Smash:


Nintendo GC Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official

 Nintendo GC Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official

The perfect GameCube Controller for smash is here. Nintendo GC controller was once a hot topic in the industry, back during its release in 2001. The controller faded away with the rise of other products now; it’s back with an exciting twist with the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is now available in major retail stores.

The next interesting and featured device that has enthralled gamers is the Nintendo GameCube controller switch. This switch supports your old Nintendo GameCube controller, i.e., you Wii U GC. Moreover, it comes in a huge variety of shades and comfort. And, it has two trigger buttons instead of four, because all the four of them can be confusing and cumbersome to use.

eBay GameCube controller top listings suggest that this device has the ability and the agility to outshine all other devices. That cannot be analyzed unless it is tried out, isn’t it? Your best buy is for $29.


Reiso 2 Pack NGC Wired Controller

 Reiso 2 Pack NGC Wired Controller

The Reiso GameCube controller is a smart alternative to the standard Nintendo GC controller. It is compatible, versatile and supernaturally fast with its quick and easily manageable controls. It is the best third party GameCube, controller. With sleek black, purple and many more versions of this device ravaging the market, this controller is easy to handle and can be used by any gamer very comfortably. It can be used with Wii, on a PC as well as a Nintendo switch. Find this GameCube controller Amazon for just $14, along with a 45 days refund, in case the product dissatisfies you.


GBros. By 8BitDo – GameCube Controller Switch

 GBros. By 8BitDo - GameCube Controller Switch

GBros. Is an elegantly designed game controller. It comes in a sleek color of purple which matches the original Nintendo GameCube color. It has risen to fame for being the most ideal gaming console, thanks to the switch. This meek gaming control is equipped with a GameCube controller switch that makes the idea of wireless gaming come to life. All you need to do is to buy this device for no more than $20 ($19.99 to be precise) and plug this into your adapter. This connection with enables wireless connectivity with the GBros. GameCube controller switch.

The wireless prospect of gaming makes playing Smash even more worthwhile. The adapter can stay awake for more than 30 hours! It also has a home button and a screenshot button because hey, you need to snap your achievements, don’t you? The switch is known to work with your old Wii and Wii U controller via a port and Windows too. This GameCube controller Smash is truly a blessing in disguise.


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The controller has a 40-hour long battery life that surpasses the common gamepad lives. It includes motion controls and amiibo operations. It is compatible with a huge hoard of switches and adapters, including the 8BitDo switch and the original Nintendo Switch. With a cost of $59/$60, this pro controller is accentuated to be the best GC controller, with special reference to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Hori GameCube Controller

 Hori GameCube Controller

Very much like the Nintendo gaming switch, the Hori GameCube controller is its own official and licensed design. It is a modern build on the classic version of the original Hori GC. This July, Hori release custom GameCube controllers for three games: The Legend of Zelda in black, Super Mario in red and Pokémon in yellow, symbolizing Pikachu.

This controller is a more advanced version with brand new buttons and controls to the console. It is switch supportive and many more characters and sensitive triggers that work immediately on your command. These controllers are wired with type-A port and need a hub in order to play the game in a multiplayer mode. It is rumored to be priced at $27, and so far, the news has not been disappointing. Hori is a strong alternative for Nintendo’s gaming devices and is an able competitor in the device market.

Gaming controls must never be a compromise in the serious and professional matters. And the companies do not go wrong in delivering the best to you. Then why should you go wrong in choosing one such device that meets your needs? Be smart and be confident, just as you are during the gameplay. Don’t miss out on the best Nintendo GameCube controllers!