Best Temperature for Vaping

Best Temperature for Vaping

Needless to say, vaping is trending these days. The latest statistics from the World Health Organization show a decrease in the number of smokers. This shift occurred because vaping is considered 95% safer than smoking. Vaping is a source of thrill for adults and youth, which is trending. In addition to this, having an option of incorporating different flavors satisfies the fixations.

It has been noticed that most people who vape, do not know about temperature control in vaping. Some people are just ignorant while using these vaping devices. Changes in these devices arrive every now and then, so people should keep themselves informed about the vaping devices they are using. Using these vaping devices without knowing about the temperature control can be highly dangerous.

Under this piece, we will ensure that both, beginners and users get to learn all about Best Temperature Control for Vaping.


What is Temperature Control Mode in Vaping?

TC present in all Vaping devices

Latest vaping devices consist of a temperature control (TC) mode that adjusts the intensity of the coil which is specified by the user. The manufacturer’s advice that maintains the temperature of vaping devices constantly guarantees more safety.

So basically, while vaping if you take longer drags, it creates consistent vapes and the temperature stays the same. It is up to the user to set the temperature limit. The normal vaping temperature ranges between 300°F to 600°F (100°C to 315°C).


Is TC present in all Vaping devices?

When you are buying a new vaping device, check its specifications before buying. If it contains vape mod then it surely supports temperature control. If you already own a vaping device and just learned about temperature control, then ensure whether your device supports TC or not.

Remember, that all vaping devices are not similar. Some devices are more advanced than the others. The temperature control technology was invented by a company called Evolv in 2014 with their DNA chips. Now, many brands in vaping have TC in vape mod.

The consistent users and manufacturers of these vaping devices recommend some of the top brands like Aspire, Vaporesso, Modefined, and Smoant. The top users of vaping devices endorse these brands by posting reviews on their social media. They also guide the new users about the Best Temperature for Vaping while doing the promotions.

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The Two Methods of Temperature Control

In temperature control, there are two methods that govern the temperature in distinct ways. One of them is called Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) and the other is Temperature Factors of Resistance (TFR). In the TCR method, the wires heat up changing its endurance. This endurance predicts the current temperature of the coil by the boards existing in these devices. There are different types of coils and each of them responds differently to each type of wires.

The TFR method was used by Evolv in the beginning and is considered as a more accurate method. As it’s a mathematical model, the coil’s response to the temperature carefully follows the real behavior of a specific material.

So, whether your device contains TCR or TFR method, both are accurate in their own ways.


Wires used in Temperature Control

While purchasing your vaporizer, you must have noticed reading about the wire type in the specifications. Various types of wires are used in vaporizers as they are known for their endurance. Following are the four types of wires used in vaping:

  • Nickel 200: It is normally written as Ni200. This wire was primarily used for temperature control coil but some vapors were sensitive to the coil, so it was discontinued.
  • Titanium Grade 1: Its written as Ti. If Titanium is being used in TC, the user must ensure that it does not get overheated.
  • Stainless Steel: The most used grade of this wire is SS316L, although other grades are also available in Stainless Steel.
  • Nickel Ferrous: Commonly written as NiFe. It is used in either of the modes and comes in various grades.

The individual Temperature Coefficient of Resistance for each of these wires are shown in the table below:

Ni 200 =>.05 .00620
Ti01 =>.1 .00350
SS316 =>.5 .00105
NiFe30 =>.1 .00320

Best Temperature Control for Vaping E-Juice

Best Temperature Control for Vaping E-Juice

Normally when people are vaping, they like to take long hits. Especially, when they vape e-juice. Vaping e-juice is very personal to people as some like it cool and others may like it hot. Sometimes, they may run out e-juice while taking a long hit. So, it is better to set a temperature according to your need. For e-juice, the common range of temperature is 392°F to 480°F (200°C to 250°C) and the temperature is adjusted in quick increments of 10°F (5°C).

Although this is the best temperature control for vaping e-juice, it can vary a little according to the adjustments you make every now and then. Just make sure not to reach both extreme ends of the temperature.

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Some Pros and Cons of Temperature Control

1. Pros

  • The key benefit of temperature control is that it can prevent burnt and dry hits.
  • In the temperature control the life of wicks and coils last longer, as the designated temperature won’t exceed.
  • The vaporizers now come with batteries as TC uses power mode to keep your coil at the right temperature.
  • With temperature control of coils, the vapes can remain consistent while puffing.

2. Cons

  • There are limitations in mods of temperature control. There are cheaper mods which do not contain the option of temperature control. If you buy an affordable vaporizer, it may not contain TC mod.
  • Stainless steel is widely popular for TC but it majorly varies whether the tanks come with TC ready coils or not. Kanthal and Nickel are also common in coil metals. Your choices are still limited if you want to vape with TC.


For the new as well as the old users, vaping in temperature control can be a quite tranquil experience. It is secure and consistent, so they can vape without worrying about bad takes.

As the technology keeps changing, the manufacturers of vaporizers come up with new models. The upcoming models are even more user-friendly. If you need a new vaporizer because your old one is worn out, ensure to do your research about all the brands and their specifications.