Best Vape Mod for Clouds You Will Definitely Love

Best Vape Mod for Clouds You Will Definitely Love

Vape mods are popular amongst vape lovers. They give a great vape juice flavor and also offer an incredible view of the vapor. Mods can enhance the vaping experience and help you to produce denser clouds.

Whether you are new to vaping or have been vaping for a long time, you should be aware that only the top quality kits and vape mods can produce dense clouds.

Vape mods are specifically designed for vapers to have a long-term vaping experience. They significantly improve the overall performance and battery life of the vape. They also help to customize your overall vaping experience which you can’t get from any other vaping device. Do you know about the best vape kit for clouds? If not, you soon will.

From mechanical mods to beginner-friendly devices such as VV/VW, there are numbers of best vape brands available in the market that can satisfy your needs and help you to create thick clouds.

However, the majority of modern mods will allow you to create thick clouds of vapor.

Here are some of the key features you should consider when looking for the best vape kit for clouds.

  • The resistance capability should be of a low ohm to handle the build designed for clouds.
  • Should have multiple batteries (probably two battery mods) as it allows moderately high watts and exceptional battery life.
  • Should have the capability of high watts – fast firing and fast powering
  • Worried about temperature control? Opt for TC builds.

Here is a list of best vape mod for clouds 2018:


Voopoo Drag 157w TC Box Mod

1. Voopoo Drag 157w TC Box Mod

The Voopoo Drag 157W TC box mod – Probably the best vape mod of 2018. This device comes with ‘GENE chip’ and is considered as an absolute beast in the vaping world. It is a dual 18650-box mod, which has a smooth design and classic box mod look along with all the current and high-quality safety features.

The GENE chip feature has received constant favoritism from vapers all around the world because of the fast firing and powering feature. The chip has become an essential thing in the modern vape mod technology.

Because of the chip efficiency rating of 95%, the Voopoo drag has high power efficiency. This helps in creating a reliable and accurate output regardless of the vape mod, temperature control mode, or wattage.

The variable wattage (VW) is a key feature in this device that can give you an ideal output for the attached atomizer and can be adjusted easily. The super mode in Voopoo Drag is commendable and works between 13W and for high wattage vapers, it activates to 157W.

The display of this device is sleek and slim, stainless steel body that has a two-battery design. It is not wrong to say that this vape mod is perfect for the professional vapers because of the menu navigation, as it takes a little more effort than traditional mods. However, once you get your hands on this device you will be familiar with it in just a few days.

Its high power output, perfect temperature control, and atomizer resistance range of 0.05 to 3.0 ohm will make you fall in love with this vape mod.

The features and specifications include:

  • GENE chip
  • Fast and powerful firing
  • Sleek stainless steel design
  • Automatically adjustable variable wattage
  • Extensive SUPER mode
  • SS316, Ti, TCR, and Ni200 – Temperature control support
  • Even in TC mode, it can fire down to 0.05ohm
  • Strong battery door magnets

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Kanger Subox Mini-C Starter Kit – is probably the best vape kit for clouds. It is an ideal device for the beginners who want to get started into the world of mod vaping. The device comes at an affordable price of $34.99. Kanger has been in the vaping market for many years.

They have successfully achieved customer’s appreciation and loyalty because of the durability of their products. The Kanger Subox Mini-C is portable and has an extremely beautiful design. The device uses a spring-loaded pin instead of threading that allows a vaper to use Mini-C with different tanks. Moreover, the variable wattage allows you to customize your vape sessions.

The key feature and specifications include:

  • Leak-free device
  • The capacity of Atomizer: 3ml
  • E-liquid channel adjustability
  • The range of APV Mod wattage can vary from 31-50W
  • 5ohm Resistance
  • 7-50W with 0.1W increment – Output Wattage
  • Perfect compatibility with the Kanger SSOCC coil heads
  • OLED display
  • Available in three different colors
  • Connection threading of battery and atomizer: 510

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VGOD Elite 200

3. VGOD Elite 200

V VGOD ELITE 200W Black is considered one of the best vapes for tricks. The device has been used by many professional vapers in vape trick competitions. VGOD Elite comes with 0.96-inch OLED screen display which is simple to use. The digital display is up to the modern standards.  Power mode is the most common mode among a majority of vapers. In VGOD Elite, you can witness the rapid response characteristics. However, for bigger clouds and best tricks, ‘Mech mode’ is considered more suitable. According to vaping experts, real tricks depend on the usage of the right e-juice. It is recommended to choose e-juice with 70/30/ VG/PG ratio for exceptional tricks.

The main features and specifications include:

  • The range of temperature control: 200-600 DegreeF/100 – 315 DegreeC
  • The range of wattage: 7- 200W
  • Thread: 510
  • Resistance: 0.1 – 5 ohm
  • 200W – APV mod wattage
  • 18650 – Battery form factor
  • 2Pcs Battery supported
  • Temperature control mod
  • Device Weight (0.1860 kg)
  • Size of device (L x W x H): 8.41 x 5.54 x 2.95 cm / 3.31 x 2.18 x 1.16 inches

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There is a wide range of best vape brands available in the market along with VV/VW and mechanical mods. These devices come with customizable settings that allow vapers to set the voltage, temperature, and wattage according to their needs. Most of the vape mod works with 18650 batteries. These key factors play an important part to enhance the overall vaping experience.

Choosing the right vape mod can be very tricky, as there is a huge range of vape mods available in the market. For this reason, we have created the above list of best vape kits for clouds.  The list will help you choose the right device for an exceptional vaping experience. Additionally, you can get more coupon codes & deals here.