Q&A: U-verse with AntiVirus

Does AT&T U-verse come with antivirus? I have been an AT&T DSL customer for many years, but now I want to try to replace it with U-verse Internet. Does U-verse come with any free antivirus software? Is it good? Does anyone use it in person? Yes, you can download the McAfee Security Suite for free […]

U-verse Q&A

This section rounds up common U-verse Q&As from all U-verse customers, and is built to set a platform to share experience about U-verse. We’re happy that more and more U-verse customers solve their problems via getting solutions from this page. We will enrich the U-verse Q&As as far as possible, and get them updated constantly. […]

Q&A: Watch U-verse on Computer

Can I Watch U-verse on My Computer? Is there a way to watch live AT&T TV and recordings on my computer or laptop? Does anyone get in the same situation and also have the same question?   You can use a second U-verse STB and connect it to your PC/laptop using a capture or tuner […]

Q&A: U-verse Internet vs AT&T DSL

What are the differences between U-verse Internet and AT&T DSL? Both of the two Internet services are from AT&T. But can anyone tell the difference between them? Which one is better? I’m confused…   AT&T DSL travels on standard copper telephone lines and is limited to Internet, while U-verse use more advanced fiber optic technology. […]

Q&A: AT&T U-verse Status Check

Where to check AT&T U-verse status? I have used AT&T U-verse for some time, and it seems the service will expire soon. I want to renew it, so where can i check AT&T U-verse status now? Thanks a lot.   Go to AT&T Customer Center to check your order status. https://www.att.com/eos/unauth/eosLogin?productType=uverse. You can either search […]

Q&A: AT&T U450 vs U300

What are the differences between AT&T U450 and U300? My friend recommends uverse TV to me, and i decide to try it. I think both U300 and U450 are popular, but I do not know clearly the difference between them. Does any anyone help me make a option? Thanks. U450 vs U300, which one is […]

Q&A: AT&T Payment Options

What payment options are available? I’m going to buy a U-verse Internet Elite. I wonder whether I can pay by phone or by mail, and how to get access to the payment options? Thanks!   AT&T has convenient payment options available to you. The payment options include Automatic Payment, Pay Online, Pay by Phone, Pay […]

Q&A: AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots

Where are AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots available? How to connect? When I am out of home, I need Wi-Fi to surfing and watch TV online. Can you please tell me the AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots and how to connect with smartphone or laptop? Thanks!   There are more than 30,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots nationwide, including select Barnes […]

Q&A: NFL packages of U-verse TV

Are there any NFL packages of U-verse TV? How much is common? I love football games, especially NFL and college football games during football season. I want to know more about U-verse TV’s sports packages. Please help.   With NFL RedZone, you can watch NFL football games on Sunday. NFL RedZone is available by subscribing […]

Q&A: AT&T U200 VS U300

U200 VS U300, which is better? I am going to purchase a U-verse TV plan. I will choose one from U200 and U300. But I have no idea which plan is better. Could you please give me a suggestion? Thanks a lot.   U200: U-verse Total Home DVR (HD-ready) included. It costs $77/month and has […]