Top 5 Spy Software and Deals

The word ‘Spy’ is often associated with some secret military activities or something happening in the dark. But more and more spying software is coming out for common use. You can easily surveille your kids’ s movement through their martphones or tablets on your phone to make sure everything is OK. Parents always want to […]

Impact Of Upgrade Change And Creative Cloud

Earlier last month Adobe announced their upgrade policy changes and Creative Cloud, which represents a shift in focus from software sales to a subscription model. Judging the ongoing attention from various web pages and blogs, this is a big and important issue. We know all of the three products have historical release cycles from the […]

What New Features Do You Want To See In Photoshop CS6?

Rumors about new features and capabilities in Photoshop CS6 are beginning to swirl as early betas of 2012 update to Photoshop go into circulation. According to AppleInsider, the early Betas of Photoshop CS6 will adopt a darker interface theme, which is the most immediately-recognizable change. For some one, this may be an unwelcomed change, that’s […]

Adobe Acrobat X Comparison

Adobe opened the world to digitalized documenting .PDF files have been used since 1993 to share documents with the absolute certainty that the recipient will see the same formatting as the sender. Initially at least, PDF files were created using Acrobat, sometimes directly, but more often using Acrobat to convert word processor files into PDF […]

Official Sneak Peeks: Adobe Photoshop CS6 New Features

Adobe released three preview videos to date on its official channel, showcasing a few features of forthcoming version of Photoshop (CS6) due out in the spring. The videos cover the creating dashed and dotted lines features, Liquify and Background Save features, and the new Camera Raw capabilities. A video titled “Sneak Peek #1”, Senior Product […]

How To Create Fisheye Effect Using Photoshop CS

For impressive graphics and breakthrough masterpieces, we may need to get close to the fisheye effect. However, few of us can afford or have the need to get the fisheye lens, which is notoriously expensive piece of equipment. We know, Adobe Photoshop CS comes with a “Spherize” tool that you can use to distort images. […]

Comparison Between Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta And Version 3

Recently the long-expected Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta release finally came out, and some folks must eagerly wonder the collection of the newly added features and enhanced improvements. There is a detailed list further below, including much better video support, soft proofing, integrated maps and photo books, and some amazing improvements to the develop module. Here […]