Diacetyl Free E-Juice 2018

Diacetyl Free E-Juice Brands 2018

Diacetyl is an organic chemical that is a green or yellowish liquid, which comes with chemical formula CH3CO2. This chemical tastes like butter and is commonly found in honey, vinegar, coffee, apples and tobacco in low concentration.

It is being used to add a buttery taste to several products, which includes snack food, oil sprays, margarine and now in e-juices. However, heating diacetyl may cause serious damage to one’s health and leads to coughing and further respiratory sickness.

People are now getting more awareness about the harms of diacetyl and in such a case, diacetyl-free e-juices are now gaining more popularity, which is a good sign. The manufacturers of e-liquid are fully aware of this and now they are putting their efforts to eliminate or reduce diacetyl from their products.

Diacetyl is a compound, which naturally occurs in the chemical breakdown of beer. In addition, Diacetyl is also a keen element in food products. It is being used as a flavoring agent because of its rich buttery flavor. Somehow, Diacetyl is relatively safe when consuming in food but it increases the risk of inhalation.

Market Research on Diacetyl

Market Research on Diacetyl

There was a study conducted in 2014, stated that the majority of the well-known e-juices available in the market are full of Diacetyl, since then people starting switching on to diacetyl-free e-juice. The hardest thing is to find an authentic product that is actually diacetyl-free because there are many scams in the market and they claim that their product is diacetyl-free. In the early days of vaping, people were less aware of this thing. The best possible way to avoid the fake claims is to get your product tested from any lab.

However, some vapers did not seem much concerned about this as diacetyl compliments the flavor of e-juice. On the other hand, Diacetyl is one of the thousands of chemicals that are commonly found in traditional cigarettes and most probably 100 times higher than in e-juice. Smokers usually inhale this chemical without knowing the real fact.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control) declared that Diacetyl is a commonly found chemical in popcorn flavoring but having in e-liquids can increase the risk of lung damage and further leads to decreased respiratory function. This chemical is most probably safe to ingest but risky when it is being inhaled. Frequent vapers should avoid this substance to save themselves from respiratory damage. Keeping all this in mind some of the e-juice manufacturers are stepping ahead and producing safe vape juices.

Here are two of the safest e-liquid brands which are top on the list.


Kai’s Virgin Vapor

Kai’s Virgin Vapor

Kai’s Virgin – It is one of the best diacetyl free vape juice brands of 2018. The company confirmed that there is no amount of Diacetyl, Acetoin, Diethylene Glycol, Diacetyl analogs, Pentanedione, Hexane or Aldehyde present in their pure organic e-liquids. In addition to this, no such elements like lead, heavy metals, cadmium, chromium, and mercury is involved in Virgin Vapor’s products. The Kai’s virgin vapor is an organic e-liquid company that provides certified third-party lab reports. Also, the product is also AEMSA certified.

A Kai’s virgin representative stated that e-liquid which is 100% organic are zero in chemical flavorings. Their tobacco flavor named as “Black Velvet” is up to the standard and taste because of the plain, fruit and flower flavor. The flavor of their product is steam extracted so there is no chance of chemical-based elements.

The e-juice is available in several exciting organic flavors. One of the prominent flavors is Razzmatazz, Death by Chocolate and strawberry. One of the best things which all vapers appreciate is the transparency of their ingredients.


  • Pharmaceutical grade organic vegetable glycerin
  • Certified organic flavors
  • Pharmaceutical grade kosher nicotine
  • Use of pure distilled water
  • No alcohol
  • No artificial junk

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Ripe Vapes Pear Almond E-Liquid by Vape Juice Depot

Ripe Vapes Pear Almond Juice

Ripe Vapes – It is the award-winning company and one of the best diacetyl-free e-juice providers on Reddit. From classy labeling to enchanting taste, the product is unique and rich in flavor.

The company owns numbers of awards. At first, they won the award of best product at Vape Summit. Later, they received another award in Vape Summit Two, getting the best tobacco product award. In 2016 at Vape Jam UK, they achieved another award for being the best E-liquid brand.  The popularity and recognition of this brand speak for itself.

Ripe Vapes Company is proudly offering their consumers a complete diacetyl-free product while consuming their flavoring, nicotine, and glycerine from top quality reliable sources.

The Pear Almond flavor is a combination of mild fruit and French pastries along with the elegant intoxicating taste of marzipan, which is rich in the small hints of fresh pear.

Once you inhale this e-juice you will experience a light delicate of pears, and inhaling will bring the lovely almond flavor.

The Ripe Vapes Pear Almond juice come in a dropper bottle of 60ml along with the standard nicotine levels of industry such as 6MG, 0MG, and 3MG. The vegetable glycerin available in the product is 75 percent along with propylene glycol of 25 percent, which allows you to have a great vaping experience.

Being one of the hottest and reliable diacetyl-free vape juice brands of 2018, this product comes with complete transparency of ingredients.


  • 75% Vegetable Glycerin and 25% Propylene Glycol blend – Ideal for sub-ohm devices
  • Available in 30 and 60ml bottles
  • Comes with Unique presentation
  • Available up to 18mg of nicotine – Ideal for beginners
  • Excellent balance of taste between marzipan and pear.
  • Transparency of lab test result on their webpage
  • Reasonable price

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Final Word

Diacetyl being a substance is both safe and harmful. Safe when it used as a food flavoring and harmful when it is being inhaled. Luckily, there are numbers of reputable e-liquid brands and natural flavors available in the market that avoid using diacetyl in their product and use some noticeable ingredients instead.

It is always important for vapers to opt for diacetyl-free e-liquids and such companies that provide complete transparency of their ingredients along with authentic lab report.

We have provided you with two of top quality diacetyl-free vape juice brands of 2017 and 2018 to choose from and get the maximum vaping experience.