How Do You Play The Dinosaur Game on Google

How Do You Play The Dinosaur Game on Google?

What is The Jumping Dinosaur?

The Jumping Dinosaur also knew as T-Rex Dinosaur is a hidden game by Google Chrome. Launched in 2014, the T-Rex Dino game has been named as the most popular video game on earth. Billions of people use Chrome on daily basis. As the game appears when Chrome doesn’t work, it is hence played by millions. The game doesn’t have high graphics yet it is hugely popular. The jumping dino jumps and saves itself from those plants and birds. That’s the main theme of the game. Over time, the jumping dino has been simulated by game developers and different versions of the dinosaur game online are available.

The game was first released in 214. It features normal graphics, top-notch gameplay, and a highly immersive storyline. Much like the highly popular Star Wars film series, the T-Rex Dino game takes place on a hostile desert world. Google users play as T-Rex. A lonely dino lost in a cruel wasteland. The T-Rex in order to unite his family has to pass through different difficulties coming his way. The evil antagonist “Lord Cactus” is the biggest hurdle in his journey to unite with his family. Lord Cactus sends unending hordes of his minions to thwart the hero including many birds trying to harm the Dino.

What is The Jumping Dinosaur

The users are able to pass through all hurdles then T-Rex united with his family else T-Rex dies and users are shown the score they achieve. Pressing the down arrow allows Dino to duck but also lets him blast down to the ground quicker than the normal waiting period. This is a smart technique that users can employ to get better results. Along this way; T-Rex learns about amity and the power that comes both inside and self-reflection.


How to Play The Game?

Playing the jumping Dino game is not that difficult. All you need is the focus and your willingness to help Dino meet his family. The above, down arrow keys, is the main keyboard keys used to play this game. The details are given below. Google kept us entertained even offline through this jumping Dino game. If there’s no internet connection, try opening Google Chrome, you will see the jumping dino game appear on the screen. Users simply need to tap the space bar to start the game. Once you click on the space bar, the game starts. The preface is different in mobile phones. Tapping anywhere on screen starts the game.

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How to Play The Game

Follow The Steps To Pay The Game

This is the current Google Chrome page which doesn’t seem to suggest that there’s a game hidden inside. Only if you are aware of the secret or unintentionally press the spacebar, you can unveil the secret. Yet when you press the space bar, the Dino (also known as T-Rex), will immediately jump. The ground beneath the Dino will keep on extending to the right, he the Dino is on a journey, and he will start jumping.

Once the Dino starts jumping, you have to press the up and down arrow keys to help him get away with cactus and the birds that appear. Hitting the cactus will harm the Dino and the game will end if Dino gets killed. You have to save him pass the cactus. Passing the cactus will get you points. Dino runner should keep on running to get a higher score.

Follow The Steps To Pay The Game

The game tracks your progress with a high score count. Google dinosaur game record is listed on the site. The results even appear on a section. There is a celebration that appears after every 100 points that you make. But once you refresh the page, the score disappears. Playing games is fun and achieving the top is the tip of the iceberg. Playing games with aim of getting higher scores increases your enthusiasm of playing games. At one point, the developer chose to add Tetris to the page of the software, which at the time was still the nominal BitTorrent client available to the Google users.

The endless running Dino game is seen as a classic genre. This has been recently revived on the smartphone devices. Though Google introduced it first on the desktop but recently the game has been made accessible on Android and IOS devices too. The Google team keeps on adding modifications to make it look fresh and meet the preferences of today’s users. As mentioned above, there are many replica versions chrome dinosaur game url available on internet and PlayStore but none can meet the magic original dino spreads.

Follow The Steps To Pay The Game 2

How to Hack The Dino Game?

When we are not connected to the internet, Google helps us pass an amazing time by offering the Dino game. But unfortunately, it is not possible to play the game as long as the user is connected to the internet. An office working individual or a freelancer cannot turn off the internet. It is then a feasible solution to disconnect from the wifi and pull all those cables out to get you disconnected from the internet to play the game. Are you having the issues? You do not want to disconnect the internet, yet play the game? Nothing to worry about. The below section will guide you how to hack the Dino game.

Although there are dozens of websites available on the internet, which are hosted to enable the user, play the jumping Dino game. But all of them still lacks perfection and might stop working at one point affecting your game score. The following steps are Google dinosaur game hack. Follow the steps and play the work without having your PC disconnected from the wifi. The steps are easy to follow and will get the dinosaur game unblocked.

How to Hack The Dino Game

  1. Right click on the page. Then click on inspect element.
  2. In the new page that appears, go the top right where you will find two arrows pointing in the same Click on them.
  3. Then click on “console.”
  4. In the console type in exactly; prototype.gameOver = function() {console.log(“hi”)}
  5. Then press enter.
  6. Then DO NOT exit the inspect element page. Click space instead. The dinosaur will jump and instead of running into the cacti, it will go past it.
  7. To make it go faster type in: intance_.setSpeed(50)



The article explained how you can play the dinosaur game online on Google. The hack listed above will help you get Trex game unblocked. Google recently celebrated the anniversary of the jumping dinosaur and added a birthday cap on the head of the dino. The game probably has the longest run time of 17 million years. No internet? Dinosaur game plays now. And if you cannot afford the hassle of disconnecting the internet then follow the hack listed above. There are many interesting video games available on OrangeOffer. Visit the website and find video games at discounted prices.