The Best E-Juice Flavor Concentrate

The Best E-Juice Flavor Concentrate

While regular, old-fashioned cigarettes are slowly declining in popularity these days, E-cigarettes are apparently on the rise in more modern times. There are undoubtedly some benefits to this new product, but there are downsides of this use as well. On OrangeOffer alone, more than eight companies that provide the entertaining new habit are vying for your valuable money with a wide range of incredible money-saving coupons. Many offer select discounts on their best-selling items or just a store-wide, online, clearance for a limited time only. A few websites that stand out are Flavor West and AVE40. So many products are offered in-store on these various websites that you really don’t want to miss out on, so here are some of the best stores OrangeOffer has to “offer”!

One of the definite best places to find your favorite e-cigarette flavors is a small, online store called Flavor West. Flavor West is a truly incredible online resource, with the absolute finest, widest selections on the wide world of the internet, and everywhere else. They guarantee the top quality products available throughout the widely competitive vaping and e-cigarette industry and maintain a commanding lead as the most popular, most diverse, selection of online e-cig flavors money can buy. Their inventory is stocked to the brim with “safe and tested flavoring straight from [their] manufacturing center directly to you!” Flavor West sells directly to you and can ship to your preferred location. They also have several dealers located outside of the United States, and you can locate the closest Flavor West dealer to you and for your convenience. They offer a variety of different types and flavorings, including natural flavorings, and n&a flavoring, the latter with a high strength water solubility promise included. Many flavorings have the option of containing a large or small amount of caffeine, fine-tuned, custom powders designed directly for your special preferences.


What are Some Examples of Flavors That Flavor West Has to Offer?

A number of flavors are based on specific fruits, such as bananas, blueberries, strawberries, kiwis, and so many more. In addition to this comprehensive natural list, some flavors of e-cigs can include artificial sweeteners such as Sucralose sweeteners. Other crowd favorites on the company’s “Top 20 Flavors” include Menthol, Cinnamon Roll, Extreme Ice, Yellow Cake, and Grape Soda. With such an incredible list of choices of flavors, it’s no wonder that these products are flying off the shelves!

Flavor West Concentrate


How does Flavor West’s Natural Flavorings Differ From the N&A Flavoring?

Well, the natural flavoring is pretty straightforward. The name implies that all of this flavor’s ingredients are sourced naturally, and include no man-made ingredients or elements. N&A just means that this particular flavor in question includes both natural and artificial flavorings for better preservation and tase. Both have pros and cons, but it’s recommended that you try both options before selecting one for good.


Can and Will This Company Ship Internationally for Order Deliveries?

Absolutely! Flavor West can ship worldwide for a low price. However, they do request that you check with your country’s import laws, and whether or not the concentrated flavors are allowed to enter your country at all. Flavor West disclaims any seized or banned packages and products from any country’s customs or border.


Why Should a Customer Buy Flavor West?

Solely the coupons alone make this website one of the most affordable online venues to find the best e-cig and vape products on the web today, but this company offers so much more. They have the highest quality around, with over 50+ flavors to choose from, and a huge inventory of interesting products as well. It’s a guarantee that you can find whatever you are looking for at this online e-cig superstore. They provide the best flavor concentrates for e-liquids as well.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best e-juice flavors concentrate companies on the web today. Whether looking for a casual habit or wanting to restock on your favorite flavors, Flavor West is the right choice for you, so check their site out today and save big with OrangeOffer’s great coupons!

Why Should You Purchase Products from AVE40

Another incredible find in the realm of vape and e-cig products is a low-profile website called AVE40. While not as diversely qualified in available products as Flavor West, this company thrives on the more modern side of things. Low prices for great quality is this online store’s mission. The site is actually a hub of online marketing and business for over 1,000 vapor and e-cigarette shops, throughout China and beyond, to bring customers in from places all over the world. The industry of vaping has grown significantly with the increase in popularity over the last few years, and AVE40 is certainly taking advantage of the seller’s market to be found online.


Why Should You Purchase Products from AVE40?

They have an enormous selection of manufacturers to find your perfect, customized products from, and a guarantee of the highest quality attainable in the industry. They make sure to use the finest imported ingredients in existence for the best quality of customer experience. Each device for vaping is affordable and original, and a number of e-cigs are sold as well on-site. They also offer quite a few different kinds of e-juice flavor extracts for sale to ensure the range of their products for sale is not limited in the slightest.


What Great Products Can be Found on AVE40’s Website?

Many fantastic products can be found exclusively on their site, with items such as the “Voopoo Drag Mini Kit”, or a “Vladdin Device RE Full Kit”. They sell the highest quality items and maintain a strong standing with their customers to keep the business flowing.

Vladdin Device RE Full Kit



To summarize, many options exist for vaping and e-cigarette products on the web today, but there are only a few that stick out as the best. Luckily for you, both of these fantastic sites offer a multitude of coupons to choose from so you can save money and find the best products around. Check out both Flavor West and AVE40 today to get started on your new favorite hobby!