Top Nintendo Switch Games for Girls

Top Nintendo Switch Games for Girls

What is Nintendo switch?

What is Nintendo switch

The switch is a new gaming console recently launched by Nintendo. It is seen as a competitor to the other popular and established gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation. But what makes it stand out among its competitors is its motto- to provide the customers with a gaming machine that gives the same experience at home as it does on the go.

The one thing that makes switch different from these gaming consoles is the focus on making it portable. Switch console is designed in a way that it allows the gamer to get the proper feel of the game is it on the television or the go. The new switch console comes with a host of new features which make it a must-have for every gaming enthusiasts. Here is a brief introduction to its most outstanding features.

The premium build and the portable design make it the customer’s favorite. It does away with the cheap plastic body. This console has a body made of glass, metal and matte plastic. This provides a premium feel to the players. The design of the console itself is enough to make the user spend time with it.

To top that the huge range of amazing gripping and engrossing games makes it a tough competitor in the market. Nintendo switches family games like Mario Kart and other multiplayer games, which are the incentive-driven make it an ideal for a fun family game night. It provides something for everyone. Unlike Xbox and PlayStation which focus on introducing games for ages 15 and above, Nintendo switches games for toddlers like a pokemon quest, Crayola scoot, etc., seek to cater to the toddlers. Nintendo takes care of the wide range of customer groups it caters to. Nintendo switch sports games provides a plethora of games for customers who prefer sports games


Although its highest resolution is 720p, the display is absolutely delightful on its 6.2-inch screen. Nintendo is well known for producing weird, innovative designs for its consoles. The switch is not an aberration. It comes with two Joy cons which can be used to play in tandem and in isolation as well.

Sure, there are many buttons, but, the small size, makes the use of all these buttons and switching from one to another come naturally to the user.

One of the biggest problems that the users of portable gaming consoles face is the short battery life. The switch does away with this problem. The switch provides for a 6 hours long battery life, which will make your travel and work a little less boring.

The easy and user-friendly interface makes it accessible to the toddlers and less tech-savvy users.

The best bit about Switch is that it provides the users with the option to upgrade and download the best Nintendo switch games without much hassle. You can get these games from the Nintendo e-shop. Set up your Nintendo account and gear up to play the best switch shop games.


Are gender and gaming correlated?

Are gender and gaming correlated

This was about the Nintendo switch console. Now let us take a view at the top Nintendo switch games which are most suitable for girls.

But before that discussion, it is important to understand the correlation between gaming and gender.

Sports and video games have always been a male-dominated arena. this belief is so well founded that it is believed that a girl cannot be interested in playing games. If she is, it is seen as an anomaly.



This is evident from how toys are grouped into toys for girls and toys for boys. And, as a rule of thumb, these toys are imposed on them. Dolls on girls while cars on boys. But, is this division a valid one?

This demarcation becomes even more evident in gaming. Recent research showed that 70% of the core gamers(who play for five or more days a week) are boys. These results do not make sense because, as shown by many studies, equal percentages of girls and boys are into gaming.

This discrepancy may be credited to the different genres preferred by the two genders. While females are drawn to stimulation based games and puzzles, guys go for shooting games, sports, and strategy games.

Nintendo identifies this trend and has introduced games which will cater to the gaming needs of girls.


A brief tour of the world of girl Nintendo switch games



It is a delicious game. The storyline of this game revolves around little munchkin who go around jumping from one level to another. This game may be played by a single player or may be played in a team of four chefs. The lovely graphics and the cute characters make it a treat for the eye. The ways these chefs run from counter to counter chopping vegetables etc. is spellbinding.

This game requires focus and precision for the completion of tasks on time. The game, at different levels, requires the players to prepare a special dish, requiring increasing levels of precision as the players go to the higher level, for the hungry customer. These customers tip better for speedy service. This might be the Best Nintendo switch games for kids to teach them qualities like teamwork and timely completion of tasks.


The Legend Of Zelda- Breath Of The Wild

The Legend Of Zelda- Breath Of The Wild

This game takes the player on a trip to the mystical world. The player is required to complete missions.

Completing these quests requires solving brain crushing puzzles. Combats are rewarded with mysterious Spirit Orbs.

These incentive-based games make the player hooked to the games and determined to solve them. The engaging puzzles and the delightful display ensure that your Nintendo switch never sits and gathers dust.




It is a game which requires the player to think on the go. This game allows the creative juices of the player flood in. The player has the liberty to conjure anything that he can imagine with the available resources.

There are three modes available in Minecraft- the creative mode where the player can do whatever he wishes, the survival mode where the player is thrown into a different world and is required to conjure up structures to help him survive, the third mode is the adventure mode where the player proceeds in a linear progression through a storyline. The switch is the second console to bring Minecraft to the on the go version.


Snipperclips plus

Snipperclips plus

This is a game full of puzzles to be solved. This gripping game will keep you glued to the console for hours without getting bored. This can be played in a multiplayer setting as well. Solving puzzled with a teammate increases the charm of the game. Lower levels of this game are the Nintendo switch games for six years old


Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders

This game is about a builder going around the place to find the material to build the allotted structures.

But he is not as simple as it sounds. The builder needs to tackle many foes while looking for his building material. This keeps the game interesting

Nintendo switch has brought a revolution to the gaming world. The, on the go facility’ makes it all the more accessible and endearing to the players. Nintendo Switch games for girls will help in breaking the stereotype that girls cannot play video games. Happy Gaming.