What Games Can You Play On Google

What Games Can You Play On Google?

Google is the acknowledged king of all search engines. Having earned quite a worthy reputation for being the most efficient search engine ever, it surely has its backlogs to criticize. Despite that, with a magnificent hoard of features to choose from and avail, Google is the painted town of red for users to interact, personalize and perform.

Having used this search engine for all our lives, we are sure to know almost everything about the site. Its look, feel layout, predictiveness, and performance; unmatched satisfaction in knowing all nooks and corners of Google.


A No Brainer for Moments

Google is extensive, well primarily, used for searching. Be it images or complicated blocks of code waiting to be deciphered, and Google always has the answer. However, did you also notice that you could play games after searching for them on Google search?

A moment of a no-brainer is all we sometimes need — a break that compels us out of nine to five rut and shakes us away from boredom and loneliness. Humour and entertainment have ever since been used and have become an integral part of our lives. However, are these hands-on additions to the internet helpful? Also, how were they incorporated?

Did you mean How to form the right sentence

Did You Mean: How to Form The Right Sentence?

Gaming on Google. Google gaming. Google and the masked, extra wires of features.

It is tough to form a sentence that can describe the essence of the following paragraphs. That being said, let’s divide the topic into two halves and discuss them separately.


Need for Gaming Prospects

To game on Google is easy. Search for the game, wait for it to load and start playing. Sounds simple, eh? The challenge lies in the availability of your desired game over a PC or tablet. To simplify it, the capability of playing it online which is currently and futuristically impossible and impractical for the developer is a difficulty. Now, that is a sheer disappointment at the futility to lighten up the online community.

And with that in mind, Google has introduced a hidden feature: mini, quizzes, simulation and adventure games including such surprises from the impossible.

But that is the not the secret.

Aspects of Gaming

Aspects of Gaming

When we talk of gaming on Google, there are countless faces to it. Find them and understand to distinguish. Here’s a brief explanation:

  1. Gaming solutions via Google. This refers to developers to seek an audience much like marketing. Of SEO and official websites, this is one facet.
  2. The web store is installing. Probably the easiest to understand, this is equally easy to use. It enables the user to download their favorite game via the store as a mere extension. This will ensure that data and storage are not excessively consumed. However, the options are very limited. And Chrome might slow down. Graphics would not be impeccable.
  3. Games downloaded via Web Store can be stored in your cloud. Impressively convenient.
  4. Games on Google can also mean mini-games on your Google Assistant or Google Home. No specific GUI is mandatory for these games. But within this variety of games, there is enormous diversity.

But What Games Exactly Can You Play on Google 2

But What Games Exactly Can You Play on Google?

Now that we know where GGames work, let’s dive into a world of the varieties available on all indiscriminate devices.

  • Google Games Online: Through web extensions, one can install a game onto their computer or more specifically, to their Chrome window. It requires just as many resources a third party app would use. Both heavily consume your data and storage, both with various advantages and disadvantages. Graphics aren’t the best on a chrome window, but a third party app is power consuming. Despite the drawbacks, these games have steadily grown in time.
  • Google Mini Games: Mini-games, more often than not, do not use a graphical interface to communicate with the user but the user is free to make use of GUI if they do not wish to speak. These games are questions, quizzes, funny interviews with inanimate objects, a conversation with Percy Jackson or any fictional character, so forth. They are necessary means of entertainment modeled creatively to your needs and taste. Number games, trivia, classic games like Akinator, etc. fall under this category. More commonly used in assistants and Google Home, these games are a precious bunch.
  • Google Search Games: All you need to do is type a game’s name in the search box. And watch as the magic unfolds! The search bar games have been hidden for a long time. A few famous games that appear once you type them in the search bar are Pacman, Solitaire, Tic-Tac-Toe. Oh, how could anybody forget this? The Google snake game. And Atari. The two most ancient and thoroughly enjoyed games. And since it is indeed back, you might not want to waste more time.

But What Games Exactly Can You Play on Google

These hidden games on Google search expand into another bonus addition that you might not have noticed, or maybe you have. But we’ll list them down for you.

  • Simulation Games: These games are stashed away in the corner unless you find them and pull them away from their stance of hibernation. These games are not very easily accessible. That is, via Google search. Incorporated into those places that the games essentially support, these hidden games are a joy to discover. Geography geeks will often be found on Google Maps and Google Earth. And while you’re at it, figure out the exciting games you may come across as you stroll by their site. Another game, known as FLight SImulator, allows you to become a virtual pilot and help the plane take off. This feature is fully equipped in Google Earth. Download the software, decide your aircraft and the skies you want to reach.
  • Google Doodle Games: I’m feeling lucky! If you are too, they must not miss out checking the games that GDoodle Foundation has set up secretly in the doodle you come across. During Halloween 2018, the Google Doodle developed a game similar to Pacman that lets your character collect flames in a time bound environment. With an opponent to face, the highest number of flames collected will be the winner. One can host games and invite their friends to join the match.
  • Similarly, on 10th June 2018, a said Garden day was celebrated in Germany. In honor of that day, a Google Doodle was launched that was inbuilt with a game that’ll make you question your priorities. Whether to play the game or answer your phone. It is a cruel game that involves throwing gnomes (!!!) via a catapult to the farthest distance much like Angry Birds. Google Gravity is another game. And you obviously must have heard of T-Rex Run? You know, the one when your internet connectivity is lost, and your dinosaur has to jump over cacti? Yeah, that.

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Final Word

So, this is one of those not so generous lists of fun games on Google listed to play on Google and related ideas. I highly suggest you try the games out without any further delay. But don’t forget to stick around because these games, you see, are updated continuously, and we do it too.