What is Sub Ohm Vaping

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Vaping is slowly beginning to replace the conventional practices of smoking. Sub ohm vaping is one of the most discussed and controversial variants of vaping. Read on to get more about smoking e-cigarettes.

Is sub ohm vaping safe? Sub ohm vaping vs. Regular vaping debates are very ardently followed by vapers now. But before elaborating on the pros and cons of both variants, let us analyze what vaping is. Sub ohm vaping is only a protrusion of man’s curiosity out of order. And many a time in history, such curiosity piques have to lead to many great discoveries in the past. But are ohm vape charts worth the examination? Sub ohm vaping charts don’t always show the full story.


What is Vaping?

Vaping is a term that is used to define smoking up on e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are modern devices that can give one a feel of usual smoke ups, but with many lesser side effects. E-cigarettes are often conceived to be very healthy concerning conventional cigarettes as the simulation is one without tobacco infusion. The e-cigarette consists of a tank, an atomizer, the e-liquid, an ignition chamber and an LED for indication purposes. Vaping e-cigarettes is now a very popular practice. This popularity is mostly because of its recognition as the healthiest alternative to traditional smoking. Vaping at different ohmic levels enhances the whole smoking experience. One very interesting variant of this is sub ohm vaping.


Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub Ohm Vaping

There is a type of vaping that is very popular. However, it is controversial too. The sub ohm vaping is defined as vaping in which one uses an electronic cigarette. This e-cigarette has a coil with a resistance of less than one ohm. Ohm is the unit of resistance named after the famous scientist George Simon Ohm. Resistance is a very simple concept. The greater the surface area of the wire, the lesser the resistance. The longer the wire, the greater the resistance. Passage of current and other specifics are usually defined concerning the resistivity of the material. Now how does this concern vaping? And why is it such a controversial trend? How hard does it affect one’s health?


Vaping Ohms Explained

Vaping Ohms Explained

Vaping at resistance levels lesser than one ohm has many pros. First and foremost, the amount of vapor production and the wattage skyrockets as one enters the world of sub-ohming. Earlier it was a lesser researched area as it requires steady know how on Ohm’s law and subsequent percussions. But now, the pros are showing up. More and more sub-ohmers are coming in to explain why it is the preferable form of vaping. The three deciding factors of vaping in sub ohmic conditions are the coil resistivity, the battery voltage, and the wattage. Sub ohm vaping health risks is surely one concern, but let us first delve into the actualities and myths regarding sub ohm vaping.

The best wattage for sub ohm vaping is usually determined by the voltage given in. The higher the voltage, the greater the power generated and the greater the number of clouds one can smoke out. How to change mods on vape is yet another question as many electronic cigarettes have fixed coils which cannot be tampered with. Removing the wire coil from inside the atomizer and changing the coil is a very cautious process. It is advised to be done only with practiced hands. Otherwise, there is a high risk the machine can get damaged. The humongous plumes of vapor generated by sub ohm vaping are its greatest pro. Vaping competitions are usually a show of skill in sub ohm vaping. More vapor means more flavor too. Even though the wider airflow can lessen the flavor to some end, sub ohm vaping without direct lung hits increases overall flavor. This is because of the higher content of vapor inhaled. More satisfaction is also generally experienced in sub ohm vaping. This is due to higher levels of nicotine inhaled. That is one of the sole reasons why sub ohm vaping is recommended with an e-liquid with lower nicotine. Otherwise powerful head rushes are on your way. This type of sub ohm vaping can be considered warm vaping. Thus cool vaping enthusiasts may find it a little offing.

Some of the cons of sub ohm vaping are as follows. Too much vapor can be overwhelming. Secondly, sub-ohm vaping gear is a little costlier than the above-ohm vaping gear. Thirdly, it becomes very expensive in the long run as it consumes a great deal of e-juice. Thus cloud chasing with sub-ohm gear is one that can take a toll on your wallet. Also, unscientific and uneducated sub ohm vaping can lead to disastrous consequences. This is because of the nicotine levels in question. Also, improper sub ohming can lead to electricity induced injuries from the battery. This can be very dangerous.

These days, people are using more and more variable voltage as well as wattage devices for sub ohm vaping. But this is unnecessary. This methodology of sub ohm vaping started to increment the power to the coils. This was done beyond the specified safety limits. These days, high power devices are very easily available in the market which can deliver a consistent amount of power to the coils. This allows you to use the resistance of your choosing and helps you adjust it to your preference.

When sub ohming, your batteries are the most quintessential components of the setup. Discontinue using the battery if your battery wrapper becomes damaged. Take care never to expose the battery to water, extreme heat or cold. Try to get it wrapped by a reputed shop. Dented batteries should be thrown away. Usually, these sub ohmers have unprotected IMR hybrid lithium batteries. This is better than traditional lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries as they reduce the risk of in-gassing and further fire up or explosion if the battery fails. Usually, sub ohmic vapers prefer the highest continuous amperage limited batteries.

Vaping sure is picking up interest amongst smokers today. It has become more of an educated or elite tag because of its reputation as a healthier substituent of tobacco infused traditional cigarettes. Anyhow, health risks do persist, and the nicotine levels are surely a thing to worry about. Sub ohming does come with its baggage of risks. One must be very careful to be familiar with the process first before embarking on a trip down sub ohm lane. It might have no tobacco, but the e-liquid does offer risks of a separate genesis.