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Gabriel Soto
2020-05-06 16:47:18

Best shoes ever

Best shoes ever. I don't understand all the complainers and haters on here. Mine look great, and feel great. Plus they have lasted for years and I have only had the soles replaced one time. I will definitely buy Allen Edmonds shoes again.

Alexander Monteith
2020-03-20 02:19:42

My go to brand

High quality shoes that while expensive aren’t mind-blowing in cost. I own several pairs and always receive compliments. They are my go to brand.

John Kittlesen
2019-10-24 22:45:45

Allen Edmonds shoes of which I have…

Allen Edmonds shoes of which I have purchased many has the best quality and service bar none, what are you folks on, the people at AE are fantastic!Thanks Chris!

Jalal Haidar
2019-05-12 04:02:01

Thank you, Jessica, Lori and Nicole.

I experienced a couple of shipping issues but both were corrected by the good team at AE. Jessica, customer service manager and two of her lead staff, Lori and Nicole handled in accordance with the historically good business culture of AE. They are working hard to keep the legendary name and superb qualities of Allen Edmonds alive. Thank you, Jessica, Lori and Nicole.

Michael Fisher
2019-05-01 01:33:52

Legendary Quality Is no longer the case at Allen Edmonds.

I recently purchased a pair of voyager shoes in black. The shoes are very comfortable and after having them for less than a week and only wearing them three times the sole began separating from the shoe. I went to retail store to see if I could exchange them even though I bought them on line. The sales associate told me he could only recraft them. I chose to call customer service where the agent said they would replace them not recraft and provided shipping and return labels. I returned the shoes and today more than a week after I returned them, I received a notification they were recrafting the faulty shoes that were less than a week old. Should I have confidence in the quality of Allen Edmonds shoes? Is this good customer service? So much for legendary quality.Update: after a few calls and a visit to the store Allen Edmonds fixed the issue and are sending me a new pair of shoes. I’m very appreciative of the company standing behind its products.

2017-12-12 20:24:22

What You're Really Buying with Expensive Shoes

What you’re buying with any expensive, high priced shoe, even custom-made ones, is “Oldness” - old materials and old styles. The shoes are mostly made of leather – both uppers and lowers with an occasional rubber sole thrown in (hence the “mostly”). Leather has been around for centuries. There’s nothing new about leather. Likewise, the styles mostly originated in the 1800s and have never changed. Oxfords, bluchers, and derbies are the norm with not much variation except in the brogue, i.e. number of holes and etchings in the uppers. Oldness is not necessarily bad as long as you understand the pros and cons of what you’re buying and this is why I write this review. The pros, so I’m told, are that these shoes, if properly cared for, can last for 10 to 15 years – 20 to 25 for shell cordovan (or horse-a). You have to be willing to invest in premium shoe polishes and leather conditioners (aficionados wouldn’t dare use Kiwi) and be willing to do the polishing work yourself. Gone are the days when every man had his personal shoe-shine kit. Polishing involves multiple layers of creams and waxes and one saddle soap stripping per year. I cannot verify that the shoes last because I haven’t had mine for long. This is only what I’ve read. However, I’m not averse to polishing if it means doing the job right and I like things that last (I wish I could say this about just one model of car even an expensive one, but planned obsolescence makes the economy spin). This “lasting” thing, however only applies to the uppers. The soles have to be replaced several times over the life of the shoe. This is why AE advertises “re-crafting” for certain models. Presumably you’ll have to send your shoes back several times for re-soling … er, re-crafting, over their lifetime. So far, so good. The con is the biggie: there’s a significant break-in period. We’ve forgotten this once ubiquitous experience mainly because, since the 1960s, shoe manufacturers have widely adopted the use of synthetics. These materials rarely need breaking in and frequently last quite long. I had synthetics for 5 years and they were very cushy. Every designer uses synthetics. However, with leather, our synthetic and sneaker coddled feet have to be prepared for a long period where they get abraded, chaffed, scraped, and cut to pieces. I’ve had to practically bandage my feet in order to wear my new AEs (Like everyone else I wear sneakers most of the time. Why haven’t sneakers become office standard?). In addition, the only thing between your feet and the pavement is a quarter inch, or maybe half, of leather. This often leaves you feeling like you’re walking on two wooden boards. Insoles were invented for “old” style shoes. The only padding you’ll find in these shoes is cork – again “old.” Why they don’t use synthetic soles and cushioning I’ll never know. Perhaps leather uppers and synthetic lowers don’t mix. Again, we’ve become so used to synthetics that leather feels strange, or rather “old.” That’s because it is. So, keep in mind that with these high prices you’re not getting a rocket-age space shoe that’s super comfortable and cushy like a pair of running shoes. You’re getting an “old” shoe from the past that, just maybe, if you take care of them, will last! Now, if an interviewer happens to look down and say “Wow! Nice shoes” well that’s an added bonus but no one can promise that. Keep studying.

2017-06-26 20:27:18

Good honest shoes

Good honest shoes. Not sure if they were made in America, but they held up

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