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2020-05-18 23:04:01

Got my Amex card over a year ago

Got my Amex card over a year ago. It’s been brilliant - I’ve got the Platinum Cashback Everyday credit card, which most (including myself) would consider as the best cashback credit card available in the UK.I set up a direct debit to pay the card in full at the end of every month automatically, right now you get 5% cashback on all purchases during your first 6 months (max £100) and then 1% cashback on all purchases thereafter (uncapped). It’s a great little earner!I used a referral link from a forum, but If you sign up for a card with my link you get £10 free once you sign up http:// /refer/gEORgS2xoN?XL=MIANS (just remove the spaces)

Montserrat Guillen-Garcia
2020-05-16 01:30:42

Always on my side!

I have been a card member for over 4 years. Their customer services representatives are always very friendly and supportive. I am writing this review as I recently went through a very difficult credit card dispute over travel when I booked a third party agent. American Express was on my side a all times given the current world crisis. Thank you AE! :)

2020-05-15 04:35:01

I have used this card for about 6…

I have used this card for about 6 months now for many things and the customer service has been great! I have also used there travel services and they have been able to provide answers for all of my questions and concerns especially during the our current pandemic. I had a trip planned to Spain which was cancelled and they issues me my money back on paid airbnbs and hotels and the process took 24 hours to hit my personal accounts. Every time i get emails in regards to flights changes and cancellations they provide me with information of their policies and the airlines policies and they are wonderful to work with. I am a Gold member and I wish I had applied to Platinum but hey ya learn something new everyday!

catherine cole
2020-05-09 21:29:13

I can't thank American Express and Nova Credit enough!

I haven't used my new card yet and it was a bit of a faff to get. However, I rate them very highly. I'm an immigrant from the UK who spent six years at University and is trained in the medical field. I'm in a long immigration queue (that probably got even longer due the Coronovirus pandemic and new ANTI-immigration laws being passed every month), waiting to receive a SSN. Without an SSN, getting a credit card (or anything else for that matter) is virtually impossible and immigration takes years to navigate and allow you a SSN, work permit, residency permit etc. Thanks to American Express partnering with Nova credit they were able to access my PERFECT credit history back in the UK. I knew I was a decent, law abiding, trained person with excellent credit but proving that was like getting blood out of a stone. So it's been the only credit card that would accept me without a SSN and could verify me back in my old country. Others like Deserve etc say they do but then you read the small print and you have to get a SSN to them within a few weeks or else you can't get through to them online or on the phone without a SSN (so they basically exclude customers without a SSN by default). American Express and Nova Credit are accessible without a SSN through various means.

Alin Campian
2020-05-09 16:36:13

One of the best

I have been using them for years never had any trouble. Very professional and their customer service is just on a different level. If you are capable staying in control of your finances, I couldn't recommend them enough.

2020-05-08 20:14:37

Very good customer service

Very good customer service. Had to cancel direct debit urgently but online cancellation still took next payment, called them and sorted quickly and also got the money refunded. Many thanks for this.

Brian Linsemeyer
2020-05-05 10:40:16

Amex is best

Most people love to complain but this is the best card I've ever had. They let me know when promotions are going on and if there's a better deal out there. Customer service is top notch.

Pauline Xiberras Vella
2020-05-04 17:30:28

American Express Platinum

Having read a few of the remarks from other members, I feel I must share some fabulous experiences that I have had with American Express. Having been a member for over 25 years, now a Platinum member, and also having been in the travel industry for 30 years, there are some ins and outs that some folks do not understand about booking hotels, and services and at the end of the day, fail to realize that they are not really comparing apples to apples. Firstly, customer service at American Express, irrespective of the department I have spoken with, have all been very professional, polite, friendly, and when they say they will call me back, they always do. Secondly, because of their top-notch, prompt service, my American Express Platinum card is my go-to-card for everything. Thirdly, I have enjoyed the American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts program benefits tremendously since retiring from travel. Not only do they offer the same rate the hotel offers to the public direct as their refundable rack rate, but they offer either $100 spa, restaurant, or golf credit, complimentary breakfast for two daily (which at a luxury establishment can run around $90 per person per day), the possibility of early check-in and late check-out (which most hotels want to charge an extra night for)...and here's the major difference...because American Express Platinum is respected by the participants in the Fine Hotels and Resorts program, when I check - in, not only am I eligible for a complimentary room upgrade, but if the property has renovated rooms, or rooms with a better view, I get one of those rooms.... I won't be thrown into a non-renovated, dated room or one that overlooks the parking lot dumpster, or that is directly over the restaurant or bar, or facing a nasty construction site. Finally, I love traveling and find that it's the card I can trust to bail me out of a nasty situation, whether I'm stranded in Vail in a snowstorm and think I can't get a flight out, or need help changing my cabin on the QM2 because I prefer to be in a different location on the ship, the people at American Express have always been there for me. They, the people, at American Express, really listen to my needs, and they deliver options. They are only human so I totally understand if the option I want does not exist or is not available at the time, that said, the resourcefulness of the people at American Express to deliver service to their members is outstanding. I grade it not only based on my situation, but on similar situations I experienced in the past when I used those other cards. Example: In the EU, I bought a kitchen from a place called Mondo Convenienza to furnish an apartment on the coast ...unfortunately, I did not have an American Express card in Euros, and did not know that I could have used my Amex Platinum card, and that there would have been no foreign transaction ...yeah...I used one of the other guys...and let me tell you, dealing with that company ...was a nightmare...I got nada, nothing, zilch resolved. So, much for their purchase protection guarantee. Now, had I used the Amex Platinum card, I would not have had to be on the phone for literally hours, two to three days a week, for end up with zero resolve. The reps at Amex would have taken care of everything for me. One mistake I will never make again.... is use anything other than American Express when traveling or at home! Like the commercial said..... "Never leave home without it! " It is my go-to-card for everything! I love you American Express and your great team!

Mrs Susan Capey
2020-05-03 13:54:51

Excellent service!

I have had an Amex card for some time. I had cause to dispute a charge recently. The response letter was dated the same day I raised the query and arrived the next day. The amount disputed has been credited to my account. I am so impressed! The only organisation I have dealt with during the Covid crisis that has not gone down the route of "unprecendented times" causing "service delays". Well done Amex!

Igor H
2020-05-02 19:05:37

My card arrived two weeks later than expected...

My card arrived two weeks later than expected... I was surprised to be enable to pay where I was supposed to! Yet the miles system works quite well

P Patel
2020-05-01 05:15:56

Best Credit Card

I've personally had a fantastic experience with AmEx. I have one of the free cards, so I may not see some of the benefits l, but it works for my spending level.The quality of service has been fantastic. Whenever I have called with issues or queries, these have been addressed quickly. I have been given a generous credit limit that affords me flexibility when I need it.The introduction of shop small also means a number of smaller retailers are now also taking AmEx, so I can use my card widely.

Luke Carrier
2020-05-01 04:01:46

Stellar customer service

American Express customer service is absolutely unrivalled IMO. I recently had a lost/stolen card which was frozen immediately with zero fuss, despite a fraudulent transaction. Customer service representatives are friendly and respond quickly. Few other financial services come close.I'd love to see some the web app get some more TLC as it's starting to look a bit dated and become a bit fiddly as time goes on, but your mobile app and support make up for this on balance.

2020-04-30 02:18:32

Amazing positive customer service.

Amazing positive customer service.I usually don't bother to write reviews, unless there's superb service. Amex's customer service hotline is really pleasant to speak with. Cheerful, helpful and positive! I definitely recommend Amex!

Mark Collett
2020-04-29 16:45:03

American Express have been absolutely…

American Express have been absolutely brilliant during the coronavirus pandemic. I find their app one of the best to use vs other banking apps. Their customer service has been absolutely phenomenal helping to dispute charges and their communication has been spot on. Yes you pay for the privilege to have some of their cards, but this is a small cost well worth spending if you want the best credit card in the market.

2020-04-24 20:05:23


Just spoke to Gena at American Express regarding not receiving My refund , didn’t have to wait long at all in the queue which is rare nowadays Gena was very very helpful very very chirpy a joy to talk to thank you for your help Gena !

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