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Nannette Hixon
2020-04-19 03:11:57

When Hollar first started

When Hollar first started, I loved it. I just don’t like their merch as much as as I did in the beginning. Seems to have gone down. But I will say they have prompt delivery.

Princess Castellanos-Gracia
2020-04-10 03:29:25

love store

hi i love this store i love the slime and nails but i was wondering if i order 9 diferent slimes and 1 pack of nails how long will the shipping take

2020-03-01 17:51:41

i love hollar

i love hollar. great finds! if you have a problem they help you!

Samantha Dotson-Thomas
2020-02-10 20:20:39

Great Online Dollar Store!

Hollar is a great marketplace for purchasing dollar store type items at very low prices. Shipping can take longer than expected though, particularly during the holiday season & such.

2020-02-01 16:33:45

I have been using Hollar for over 3…

I have been using Hollar for over 3 years. You definitely can get great bargains with this company . My only advice is to read the descriptions that they include with all merchandise so you know exactly what you are buying. I have never had a problem with deliveries or merchandise. It really is a great site!

Jane Cai
2020-01-22 21:36:32

Fast shipping (typically 2-4 days) and…

Fast shipping (typically 2-4 days) and reliable. I've made a few orders in the past 6 months or so. Never anything missing, damaged, or wrong. Quality isn't great, but it's pretty good! I'd say you get what you pay for but I think you get much better than that.

Dee Zuñiga
2020-01-11 21:20:54

The tea

The tea. First, I'm really surprised by the bad score...I had a good experience, nice site easy to navigate, really cute trendy merch for ridiculously low prices and then lots of clearance on top of that. 3.99 flat rate shipping over $19! I recieved my box in 6-7 days. OMG though I am soooooo pleased with the stuff the quality, price package was all good. 16 different items and they were all good some exceedingly good for the prices. That's all.

Ash betz
2019-12-13 19:10:15

I love this app but honestly been…

I love this app but honestly been waiting for two weeks now it usually works I'm kinda upset I want my stuff please ugh...

Anita Rajput
2019-12-09 07:46:53

They have the world,s best bargains…

. They have the world,s best bargains that I know of. The customer service is absolutely awesome, you just call them and they are on within a second or two, always live help, never automated. If an item is broken or defective, they would immediately refund your money and I have never even sent anything back or taken a picture and send it to them as I am tech challenged. Yes it is true that they are not perfect, then again who’s. They have had wrong descriptions once and inspite of me pointing it out to them, they never corrected it and in fact issued me a full refund so graciously. I have no relationship whatsoever with them, I just am a garden variety bargain hunter, I have gotten the world’s best deals from them and all of my family and friends and friends’ friends, as I give gifts to them to gift others, are inundated by them and I thoroughly enjoy looking for deals every day, even when I am overseas I bargain hunt and have it delivered to my address. It is true that the shipping has become extremely slow, to tell you the truth, it even used to take as little as 3 days before a year ago, etc.But that makes no difference to me as I shop at AliExpress and eBay and it has literally taken more than two months sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t even show up. There’s no phone c.s. For AliExpress as far as I know. I even lose my money, here the customer service is exceptional.Walmart and Amazon have a lot of wrong item descriptions and no matter how many times you call them-0 effect.I just hope and also fear simultaneously that they don’t shut down. I pray every day as i would lose a lot of joy in my life.Their clearance item list was very very slow but then I switched to the app and it made it a little better . Walmart app and website used to be the slowest and I called them a lot to bring it to their attention, it literally took over 4 years for them to fix . It takes less than 20 days for your orders delivered. No big deal to me at all, or whatsoever as The only thing i care about is the lowest price on the planet that i know of.

2019-12-08 02:53:01

I love Hollar

I love Hollar! Always excellent prices on name brand goods. I buy large orders several times a week and have never been disappointed with products or customer service. Thanks Hollar!

Erika Benison
2019-12-04 15:59:16

I’ve had good and bad experiences with…

I’ve had good and bad experiences with Hollar. I always order items for my kids school Christmas bazaar. This is a day kids go shopping for their families. I knew from past experience that sometimes they can run slow but not this slow. Sometimes items come in a week. The issue is. You just never know which warehouse you’re dealing with. I figured that 3 weeks is sufficient time to process, ship and receive an item within the US.. nothing should take more than 3-5 business days to process. I placed an order November 23.. still says processing. My husband placed an order November 24th. His arrived yesterday? When I emailed customer support. Nothing and it’s been over 5 days. I chatted online. Asking for an eta. I need these items before December 13th!! Support gave the same line of they’re busy. I will be notified when it ships and they go based off of order in the que.. well my order was placed before my husbands so the que order is a lie. He was a first time customer so did they put him before a returning customer to gain business? The kids are depending on these gifts and I’m sorry. But 3 weeks is unacceptable! And I’m in the customer service and selling business. So when I complain... it’s valid and after sufficient time has passed. I base it off of customer service and how a company handles their short comings.

Madeline Hall
2019-11-29 02:05:23

Satisfied customer

I live in an area of Chicago where there aren't any dollar stores. I found Hollar a few years ago. I started ordering large and small orders because shipping was free with a membership.Last year they discontinued the membership, that's why I rated 4 stars. So now I wait until I need to order enough for free shipping.I love the selection of products and the great value. I've never receive poor quailty. The shipment is always well packed.I've ordered everything from tissues to small appliences.

Lisa Goodson
2019-11-23 23:17:22

Good deals

Good deals, worth the wait. Reminds me of Big Lots but better selections. Be prepared to wait for package . I received a package with missing items but when I reached out to the company they sent my 2 missing items out that day. I received them today and am most pleased. My suggestion would be to anticipate the wait; the deals are so good and it is the holiday season. Heck , shipping is free if you spend 19 bucks, so I really can't complain.

2019-11-20 11:17:38

I like shopping at Hollar

I like shopping at Hollar. I get small essentials I need every week just about. Yes this month, shipping has been slow but they sent an email out saying they have a lot of orders to fill and that they are trying their best to fill them. I've never had an issue before. So I will wait patiently for them to send out my 2 orders. I get it's the holidays but flipping on on them for things they can't control won't help anything. They are trying their best. Thank you Hollar.

Brianna Wilkins
2019-11-18 15:59:08

Hmm ....

I ordered from Hollar on the November 5, 2019. My package was shipped out on November 13th. I’m very impatient, which is not Hollar’s fault

Shopping Tips for Hollar

  • Shopping is a must above $25 as orders are shipped absolutely free. Further, they are a flat rate shipping deal offered and buyers can always shop below $25 and get them at $3.95.
  • Check the clearance option in the tab on homepage and get all the products which are available at takeaway prices.
  • At Hollar, the prestigious customers are given an option of $1 shop where items are extremely low priced and one can avail them to make huge savings.
  • Visitors are requested to sign up before buying as it would result into great offers and discounts and future deals would be sent top inbox.
  • Newsletters are a way to know all about deals and upcoming offers and one can subscribe to get the same in the box on a regular basis.
  • Get into their social media sites and know all about the posts they make.
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