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2020-05-19 09:06:28

So real, so cool, so exciting!!

Best way to test how a real tattoo will look like. Honestly no one can tell the difference from a real one, not even tattoo enthusiasts. Try to not scrub it a lot since it will fade faster.Recommend for people that get bored easily of designs and want a constant change, or people that want to do a permanent one but are not yet sure where or what.*Wish it lasted longer.

2020-05-19 08:36:27

Extremely efficient and helpful.

2020-05-19 03:18:13

Faster Delivery than some Amazon packages!

I received my package way sooner than anticipated. I have not ordered since this new process of application started so I’ve yet to see how that is...but in terms of delivery turn around I was extremely impressed

2020-05-19 01:14:25

Perfect and im in love

Ive loved and used inkbox for awhile, inspiried a lot of of tattoos now. I got a custom one done and it was perfect! As beautiful as id imagine and even easier to put on than the premade ones. Just more costly. Completly worth it and I plan to get it when shops reopen!

2020-05-18 23:50:08

Purchased a custom tattoo

Purchased a custom tattoo. It turned out just as I wanted it.

2020-05-18 23:34:09

Great product and great service.

2020-05-18 22:14:40

Just a really great product

Just a really great productWe got the freehand ink. It is fun to use, and works well. Using it does take some practice, but everything turns out pretty well, and lasts a decent amount of time

2020-05-18 22:05:36

Permanent Tattoo Prep - awesome help with inkbox custom tats!

Currently debating about details of a permanent tattoo, so have used custom inkbox tattoos for planning! First one, by my design, turned out way larger and not how I liked it. I redid the design and it's getting me close to the finished product I want. This is helpful for me to decide what I want on a more permanent basis making it a less risky decision. The inkbox tats are super simple to apply, the design process was easy, and I really looked forward to having it on for a couple of weeks and being able to see it!

2020-05-18 20:44:51


I love these tattoos!

2020-05-18 19:30:25

I like these little tattoos

I like these little tattoos. They are fun and easy to apply. They assuage my need for a tattoo until we can actually go get one.

Kellea Stenson
2020-05-18 04:35:21

Love this!

I got the free hand ink transfer paper and a book of difference designs and I love it. It was super easy and fun to do. It totally satisfies my tattoo need and my creative side. I would totally recommend Inkbox

Raylynn Laursen
2020-05-18 04:07:02


I order 5 tattoos for both my boyfriend and me, they ended up getting lost in the process of delivering them. Inkbox employee Marco was AMAZING at customer service and offered to replace them free of charge!!! They are so amazing; thank you so very much Inkbox!

2020-05-18 03:24:00

I was super excited for this…

I was super excited for this non-permanent tattoo much so that I ordered multiple tattoos at once after having read so many positive reviews.I applied my first tattoo 4 days ago, with terrific initial results other than a bit of smudging. I assume the smudging was from rubbing the tattoo down too much to ensure the film stuck to my skin. The ink also seemed to bleed on other parts of my skin, but I have learned for next time to wisely choose loose clothing that completely protects your tattoo from any skin-to-skin contact (example, don’t wear loose pjs when your tattoo is on your inner thigh because your bare thighs can still touch and the ink can transfer). I solved this issue by exfoliating the skin where the ink lightly transferred for two days. My biggest concern, however, is that my tattoo has now half disappeared to the point you can barely tell that it was there, while the other half has remained completely dark. Some of the tattoo has a seemingly “crackle” effect underneath the surface of my skin, though I’ve made sure that my skin is consistently moisturized and my skin is not dry. It’s a bit odd to me, and I would understand if the entire tattoo faded somewhat at the same rate, and if I hadn’t only applied it 4 days ago. I am still excited to try my other tattoos and hope they are longer-lasting and that perhaps I’ll perfect the application process for a better result. I’d love to be able to give a 5* review.

Kacy Booth
2020-05-17 18:32:31


Great help, understanding and will return!

2020-05-17 18:02:00


AMAZING TATS I ORDERED, I wish I could place a picture of them because their super cute and I love where I placed them, and I’m most definitely getting a tat on where I placed them. Overall inkbox is amazing !!

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