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Boots Mcgee
2020-05-18 22:53:01

its either all good or horribly wrong

its either all good or horribly wrong. Its comes down to if the shopper is lazy or not. I have ordered over a dozen times and the younger shoppers seem to do a much better job then say the older guy who isnt able to comminucate. If you have to call or chat with customer sercive and you get JASON just hang up or disconnect, thats what he is gonna do anyway. Besides that jerk everyone else has been helpful and provided a sarisfactory reslotion.

2020-05-17 01:23:11

Honestly not sure whether or not to keep using it

I've used it a few times now and I keep going back and forth on keeping the service. I've had mostly good but some frustrating experiences with shoppers. Some are very uncommunicative and do not have a clue how to pick produce. Today I got a bag of completely mushy avocados, I doubt the shopper even checked them. However, when I complained, Instacart almost immediately gave me a refund for the item which is much appreciated. I've had minor issues with previous orders and usually get a $2-3 credit which honestly seems paltry but whatever. Some shoppers by contrast will message quite a bit which I'd rather have that than no communication at all. However, that does make me feel like I have to be constantly looking out for messages so that negates the time-saving aspect because I feel like I'm on call. I do wish Instacart would be more transparent with pricing. Sometimes it says the store sets the prices and other times you get a general "prices are higher than at the store" or something like that. Customers already pay a delivery charge or membership fee and a service fee, why are we also paying more for the items? That part of the service doesn't sit well with me. It feels dishonest having so many different ways they add up what we have to pay. If I'm paying a membership fee and a service fee, why am I also paying more for the items? In my opinion, they need to stop charging more and make pricing more transparent. I'd also like approval over who shops for me or maybe at the very least they can have the shoppers go through training on how to pick produce, check expiration dates and communicate with the customer. I do feel like male shoppers tend to ignore my notes way more often and could perhaps use more training so to be honest, I would choose a female shopper if given the choice.

2020-05-16 23:06:24

Great experience!

I read so many bad reviews and was so skeptical ordering through the app. Due to the virus, i haven’t wanted to go to the grocery stores so i though might as well give it a try. I’m so pleased with my experience, he made sure his substitutions were okay and told me everything as if i were there shopping. and he sent me pictures of items if i was unsure of what they were. He got here within the time frame and even helped me carry my groceries into my elevator! Amazing, i will definitely try it again. Keep up the good work!

Jane Song
2020-05-14 19:48:16

I like this service very much

I like this service very much. Some shoppers are more careful than others. Overall, I’m grateful that I can get my favorite food delivered home within a few hours.

No Name
2020-05-13 17:25:59

It all boils down to the shopper...

I’ve placed ten orders since the end of March. I’ve had one truly excellent experience, two truly dreadful experiences and the rest somewhere in between. There’s a learning curve. Last week I felt like I finally scaled the mountain but this week was a disaster (the shopper ended up abandoning the cart and advising me that I needed to contact Instacart to have the order credited). The first few orders included some questionable replacements, but I agreed to them so I have no one to blame but myself. Since then I’ve gotten more discerning, e.g. I pre-select substitutions or designate no replacements on other items. When I’ve had positive experiences, it’s because communication has been excellent with the shopper. Conversely, some shoppers seem very reluctant to interact whilst shopping. Inevitably those have been the less than stellar experiences. Bottom line, it’s a crapshoot. If you get a good shopper things go really well. If not the wheels tend to come off the bus. Then there’s the issue of cost. Other than the first one or two orders when I didn’t understand how to adjust the tip, I have always started off with a 15% tip and gone up from there. Sometimes I’ve left additional cash for the shoppers at the house and other times I’ve simply added to the tip within the three day window. (Since our orders tend to be quite large, tips tend to be in the $30-$50+ range.) Although I don’t begrudge that, because the quality of shoppers is so varied, unless I can select a particular shopper from now on (as I said, last weeks was excellent...extremely efficient, pleasant, accurate and discerning on her choices of fresh items), the potential hassle of experiences like today’s is just not worth it...particularly when you factor the higher cost of the goods, service fees etc.

Mandy Withers
2020-05-12 17:30:09

I have used Instacart quite a bit…

I have used Instacart quite a bit lately and always tip very well. I greatly appreciate having the ability to use this service and want to make that clear to the individual shopping for my groceries. My complaints are this...1) I often times receive items that I did not pay for; so I am getting someone else's groceries that they have paid for. I have tried to contact the shopper when this happens, but the ability to chat is disabled once they deliver your groceries, I have submitted a report, but have never heard back from anyone. 2) I have been informed that the store is out of stock on a product I requested, only to then have a friend or family member out shopping at the same store, that same day tell me that there is plenty of that item in stock. 3) I receive expired food! On several occasions now I have received food that is past its expiration. This seems to happen most often with Lunchables. I have gone back to the store with the products and receipt only to be told that there is nothing that they can do and that I must contact Instacart to resolve the matter. While I would like for my shopper to pay better attention to what they are picking up for me, I am furious that my hometown store stocks expired food on their shelves and does not seem concerned to make it right when consumers purchase this food! I will be leaving a review for them as well.

2020-05-12 03:22:55

All of you idi*ots complaining about…

All of you idio*ts complaining about higher prices on instacart app. You get your groceries shopped for and delivered to your door. How do you think instacart pays people to give you that kind of service. If you don’t like it then get off your fat as* and go shop yourself...

2020-05-11 23:46:17

We have been using Instacart for a…

We have been using Instacart for a couple months and have had a fairly good experience. We do understand that sometimes you will not get everything you ordered if it's not in stock but if you have a good shopper, they will communicate and do their best. However, we have noticed a couple things, one of the people that shopped for us was not the person that delivered the items, it was delivered by a child that got out of a vehicle with our groceries that was not being driven by our supposed shopper. The other thing we noticed is that you can get a lazy shopper that runs through as many as orders as they can just to get paid as much as possible. We had this happen, he shopped and did not communicate and brought only certain items but was able to communicate after dropping off the order so we decided to make a second order of the things we didn't receive. Low and behold, he responded to the order coming from my phone instead of my wifes and things we didn't get were delivered. I'm sure he was in a bit of shock when he realized after he paid for the items and seen he was going back to the same house.

Synth Rudd
2020-05-11 17:53:23

instacart 5 star reviews to all the shoppers

I am reading through these reviews and I think the first thing you need to do prior to writing a good or bad review is ask yourself these questions and just know that the shoppers are risking their own health and the health of their loved ones by going out shopping for you, just so that you & your family can have food to eat and stay healthy & COVID FREE!First of all ask yourself did I use the app correctly!1. Why am I using this service?2. What would I have done if I was shopping for myself during this time COVID19 and shelves are bare and or very low selection of items?3. Why didn’t I go out myself for my own groceries?4. Is It a lot of groceries or heavy?5. Would I need to make several trips to unload them6. Have I ordered from other services like Postmates, Lyft, DoorDash etc. If You have you’d know there’s several different additional charges for these services too. If not You should research fees prior to ordering. Just remember these are groceries that take more time to gather for you, are most of the time heavy and require several trips to load, unload your car then carry to the home and in some cases you have to carry them up several flights of stairs.People want to give the shoppers bad reviews but yet you are the ones sitting on your couch in the A/C or just on your couch or maybe doing something fun, while someone else is picking up your personals. Don’t give shoppers bad reviews for following Instacart policy about not leaving the receipt, or fees are to high, or because the store selection is bad. The shoppers can only do good with they have to select from. I am sure there are a few bad apples that ruin it for others. It’s unfortunate. All I’m asking is be honest with your reviews not petty. Also shoppers also lose out on better tips because of all the service fees. Most shoppers get paid on average is $7. from Instacart. Even their promotions to the shoppers to make any extra money are horrible and difficult to make that extra money. Remember this next time you tip an Instacart shopper. You are always able to adjust the tip after groceries are delivered.

Samantha McCormick
2020-05-10 21:38:30

Great Job, Instacart. Judith M is an excellent shopper

Today is the first time that I used Instacart (location: Margate, FL). EXCELLENT service. My shopper Judith M did an AWESOME job. She kept me informed via text of any items that were not available and was super responsive to my suggestions.I had a HUGE list of items (over 60 items) but she patiently went through each and completed the shopping in quick time, and delivered them to my residence immediately after that.Judith M is an AMAZING shopper and I hope to get someone like her the next time I use Instacart. I gave a decent tip and added to the tip after the items were delivered because she did such a great job especially during this pandemic.Everything about this experience was the BEST.Keep it up, Instacart. Keep up the good work, Judith M.If Instacart can get more shoppers like Judith M. and retain them then Instacart will grow exponentially.

2020-05-10 19:13:22

Despite all the horrible reviews I have…

Despite all the horrible reviews I have to say as a first time Instacart user I was pleased that my shopper, Dwight, in AZ did a great job and got my order right and delivered on schedule to my 91 y/o Aunt. This was her Mother's Day gift.

claudia sotis
2020-05-10 18:04:22

Just used instacart for the first time

Just used instacart for the first time. Although I specified that I did not want to exchange an item that was not in-stock for another one, they picked it up anyway. I never got a store receipt and thus cannot return it. I was able to contact customer service via chat and they offered a refund on my credit card. It's a shame I cannot return the item since I have no use for it. But, they try to do the right thing. Will see if the credit will post on the cart since I did not want a credit with instagram.

Alex Cortez
2020-05-10 02:31:03

The good is that they deliver but God knows what

The good is that they deliver when you order. The bad is that they deliver whatever and charge you whatever. On my last order, they substituted two items for two cookie boxes costing $50 with eggs. We can't eat it those because of allergies even if we were ready to pay that much for two cookie boxes. The shopper also substituted a bag of veggies for one that was hald the size and double the price AND STARTING TO spoil. Then she broke a jar of olives on the doorsteps. So I was out about the $80 on one shopping. The prior order I caught the shopper and message asking for no substitutions - she said sure and still substituted. So in 2 times I was out $100. And the company usually jacks up store prices. So all in all I regret paying for the yearly fee or using them. And then noone from the company is available to talk.

Cesar Ceja
2020-05-09 22:53:01

So now we have even shoppers writing…

So now we have even shoppers writing bad reviews. You guys are morons if you don’t know how the app works. Or maybe you are one of the same reviewers that has been talking

A Datsko
2020-05-07 03:56:00

As an instacart shopper

As an instacart shopper. I am mortified by what i am reading. (i have never ordered groceries from them, this is just my perspective of shopping for them) I did find it odd we are instructed to "not put the customers receipt in the bag" and that they receive a "digital copy". But some of you have to consider this is kind of a service "for the rich" and not for us normal people. A lot of these charges and markups are nothing to a rich person. (not that that makes it right or that i support such things) During the covid crisis, I have constantly worn gloves and a mask. I use at least 2 pairs of disposable gloves per order and have gone through a TON of sanitizer (at my expense). I go home and thoroughly wash my hands between each order. I never let a customer comment, question or request go unanswered. Customers have seemed very pleased with my replacement choices (although im having to get pretty creative with these shortages) and I always hit refund on an item if the customer has indicated they'd prefer it. I shop all perishable items LAST, takes a little longer but its safer for your food. I use a large cooler the size of my trunk with ice packs (they get popped in the freezer shortly between each order) for all cold or perishable items. All bread, chips, eggs or anything that shouldnt be squished rides in my passenger seat with air-conditioning. I also never take more than 1 order at a time. So its I shop your order and immediately deliver your order. My worst experience has been that another shopper apparently had taken a ladies order, went into the store, started trying to run some scam (adding items such as 1 potato for $50 to her order) and bailed out when she got wise. I picked the order up, arrived at the store with no idea whats going on and this customer freaking out. Im trying to figure out whats going on by chatting with customer support and the customer. After a while they "reset" the order. I had to use the app to remove and refund 6 fraud items for $200 with the help of the customer (not customer service) letting me know what was her and what was this first shopper. Two hours later, i was about $12 richer. haha. The customer was very nice, told me its not my fault and gave me a good review and the company a very bad one. (the only problem being that review is still on MY account and makes me seem involved somehow) There is a system in place for booting the bad shoppers via reviews. But i think this Covid thing has bad people coming out of the wood work and demand for shoppers has shot through the roof. I honestly cant say whos to blame on all that (besides ultra-rich people who caused the covid crisis by exploiting slave labor in china, but thats a story for another day). Some customers have been rather mean when i have to inform them the store literally does not have ANY chicken or ramen or OJ or whatever left. There are shortages right now and there's nothing i can do, so be nice. haha. Some of us shoppers do care and im sorry so many of you have had bad experiences. I enjoy helping people and care very much for those who cant get food safely right now. I enjoy the freedom being an instacart shopper gives me, I can make money in my spare time almost whenever. But you have to be serious about it (and dont expect fast efficient support), especially right now, and the money is kind of peanuts for the level of serious required. But hey, im trying to help people and its just spare time money. haha. This IS a CRISIS we are going through people, prepare yourselves. and that's all I have to say about that.

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