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Nicolas Basilewsky (Casas Mundo Sol y Luna)
2020-04-30 16:11:17

Thumbs up to the Lodgify client service and technical team!

I'm a new client and we are currently facing an unexpected low volume activity. Therefore, I cannot say anything regarding the efficiency of the syncronization tool. Neverthless, I would like to give a 10/10 to the whole Lodgify team regarding the setup of website and the integration of the booking platforms. They are friendly, patient, educational, efficient, quick, talented and well organized. Thumbs up to the client service and technical team!

2020-04-19 09:15:13

Nice software but big room for improvement

Lodgify is a nice software. The interface is much nicer that many others. There are many clever and well thought-off things. But they are at least as many things that need improvement and i'm hoping that the COVID crisis will leave plenty of time to the developers to improve. Here is a list of comments/ of things we believe should really be improved:* About Quote/ Billing: here is our MAJOR REQUEST! Please allow for a breakdown of prices!! It is ridiculous that price per night is not mentioned. Please inspire yourself of airbnb payout breakdown. It is an obvious things to do! The quote system with bulk Room rate is super mega inconvenient (and also frightening for guests as they have no idea how much they are paying per night on the quote). There is to be a way where the price we want to set per night is mentioned on the quote . It would be so much nicer if number of day + daily rate was indicated on the bill rather than only “room rate” with a bulk amount which means nothing. As it is the Room type/room rate is meaningless. In addition, if you wish to make a change in the price, you have to count the number of days yourself and used the calculator on side to find out how much clients needs to pay so you can fill up the "room rate section"manually... this is definitely not a well thought section and should be improve asap!* On calendars: each reservation should have a logo or a color code on side of the client name so as to identify in one glimpse where the reservation is coming from (airbnb, booking, self, etc). At the moment, you have to click on the booking to see the source and it is really not is such a simple thing to implement and would greatly benefit users.*Guest details form should have two different field for Name and Surname so that when canned response are being establish, host can chose to call their guests by their full name or only their surname. It is so formal to say “ Hello Dean Ross” - I would much rather be able to say “Hello Dean” or at least have that choice. I am sure that many people feel that way as most of us are small business owners and we want to establish an intimate feel with our guests. Also that feature would improve report/ guest listing as it would allow more precision. It is a very easy and logical improvement * “Add-on” display are too big. There should be an option rather you want it to appear big, medium or small on your website. With that very big format, if you add up many add-on, guest needs to scroll down so much and gets lost!* The message box…. my goodness it is dramatically too sensitive. It closes way too easily! if you select anything from right to left, your message will be deleted /closed automatically! This is extremely frustrating. That was certainly developed to make people's life easier but end up being absolutely counter productive.* The message box synchronisation with airbnb is full of bugs and leads to very annoying mistakes. It basically shows that messages have been written by guests whereas it is written by hosts or reverse, or random. That is a definite improvement to be done /bug to fix because it looks very very amateur the way it is.* The text editor for the section “direction” is so bad. It doesn’t allow to use html and is totally messed up when used in canned response/ automatic email (spacing up to 7 lines between each sentences for no reason .)* The keep me sign in option doesn't work Those are in my opinions the major things to improve. That being said there are many great features such as the interface and i can still clearly recommend lodgify. Their customer service is very good and caring and i m pretty sure they will work hard on improving.Thank you for your attention

Skol Marbella Holiday Rentals
2020-02-20 07:59:07

the best quality/price VR software on…

the best quality/price VR software on the market

Radha Krishna Neupane
2020-02-06 11:49:07

good application..easy to work with...

Warren Calvo Leon
2020-02-05 00:55:00

The site is great but I am having…

The site is great but I am having difficulty finding someone to speak to regarding my url.

Jason Lalopoulos
2020-01-25 02:15:26

Perfect for properties with 0-10 rooms!

George Aristidou
2020-01-14 22:41:06

So far so good

So far so good. I have to learn and study my site more. It looks very friendly so far.

Apartamentos Manresa
2019-12-23 11:34:14

Amazing service and great client service

2019-12-20 06:46:55

Hi I wanted to give a huge shout out to…

Hi I wanted to give a huge shout out to Stephanie Norton who is so patient and clear with her help and instructions. I'm not all that computer savay at times and she has been wonderful in helping me get set up on my website. I'd never have attempted something like this without her professional support and guidance. Thanks so much to Stephanie and the Team.

David Collins
2019-12-18 12:47:40

Easy to use and tonnes of technical…

Easy to use and tonnes of technical support. Lodgify is the perfect way to launch your own rental buisiness

John Baker
2019-12-14 23:35:43

The Calendar system that works!

2019-11-13 20:49:34

No hesitations

Been working with them for about 3 years. Great costumer support, really nice user freindly software, brilliant connectivity and they keep on working to improve it... The way to go

Geoffrey Kidd
2019-09-24 02:05:01

We have been highly satisfied with…

We have been highly satisfied with using Lodgify for our accommodation business and find it very easy to use and the service is excellent. Highly recommend.

Oriol Coma
2019-09-23 07:46:10

Excelent service

The platform works perfectly and the technical service is fast and really helpfull.

Jacqueline Guggenheim
2019-09-18 21:45:23

I have used other vacation rental management software

I have used other vacation rental management software that was harder to flow through all of the different layers of the vacation rental management business. The canned response emails that are already inputted into the software is a major bonus because building those emails is time-consuming. Building seasons and rates is much easier and faster as well. I am very glad that I went with Lodgify!

Shopping Tips for Lodgify

  • Start your shopping experience on Lodgify with a great discount deal according to which customers can get flat 20% discount on one-year subscription of Lodgify products, and for two years of subscriptions, buyers get a 25% discount. Monthly packages do not come with any concessions.
  • To increase the booking on the site by 200%, customers can get a free guide. To get this guide, they need to sign up on the official website
  • Before buying a Lodgify product or service, customers can enjoy the free seven day trial of any product. To get this facility no credit care card details or other personal information is required. Even the entire setup process is also free.
  • Custom domains are free for single property and multi-property Lodgify product package if customers are availing one or two years of subscriptions.
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