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David Vox
2019-08-05 11:53:15

Good customer service

They helped me out with great service - but their website needs an update

2018-05-03 18:24:31

Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking

I have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for over 20 years and you have to be a little bit self supportive. Never buy the download, always buy the disc, if you don't like the microphone that comes with it buy a decent one like a Sennheiser.One of the things that you do need with Dragon NaturallySpeaking is lots of memory, I have 32 GB and can roll around anything at all especially Dragon and the new Coral programme which has come out. I have experienced problems with some of their programs which have not worked properly but I have always got a refund from them. Don't use the minimum memory that they suggest always go well above it.I wish that trust pilot could pass this information to all the people who are having a grumble at nuance and Dragon NaturallySpeakingThere is a website called knowbrainer choose forums I tried to post the website but I don`t think that is allowedwhich will help you with your problems. They do sell nuance products and especially Dragon NaturallySpeaking and run question and answers from experts it is all free . Take as much advantage of this is possible to solve your problemsIf you are going to uninstall DNS use the disc which has a repair and uninstall facilitythis posting was put on by Dragon NaturallySpeakingAlastair

Anthony Perham
2016-08-07 09:17:33

I am having a lot of trouble getting Dragon naturally speaking to

I am having a lot of trouble getting Dragon naturally speaking to work in word (latest version). I have done everything I know to do and looked up a lot more, and although I have got as far as getting it to work in its own little box, it won't work on a Word Document which is the whole point of having it!The last thing I tried was getting word to un-disable the programme, but it wasn't there to disable! I am a very patient person, (Driving instructor in the heart of London for 35 years) but this is driving me up the wall. Nuance should tell people, "This software may not work, so don't buy it, if you intend to use it! The only real help I found was from Nuance themselves (an add- not human) Apparently the software that will work has a price tag of about £250.00 and if this is the only one of their range that will work, then why sell the others to people who haven't got £250 to spare but are hoping to make their lives a little easier but spending money on the cheaper programmes? Or should that be 'wasting' money on cheaper programmes'?Unless someone comes up with something in the next 24 hours, this goes back to amazon first thing in the morning. I am 70 now and sadly I don't have enough life left to mess about trying to get things to work!Since I wrote this review, I had a notification from Nuance that there was an update waiting for me. This was as soon as I opened up my computer, and before I'd even opened chrome or anything, I clicked on the update thinking it was in reply to my review. It wasn't, it was a bug, and a bad one at that. The thing is, with this Dragon Naturally Speaking, you got a bar across the top of your screen. The notification of this update came in from one side of my screen but in order to open it, I went to their bar and from a drop down list, selected, 'Messages or updates'. So this was internal, it did not come from a third party, this was directly from the Dragon Naturally Speaking bar at the top of my screen. Luckily, I have a years subscription to Microsoft remote assistance and they confirmed that there was a particularly nasty virus present. However, it then took them 3 hours to get my computer back to normal.I am not technically minded enough to understand where and how viruses behave but I do understand logic and if there is a pile of dog crap in a corner of a room, and there is only one dog in the room then logic says that that crap once belonged inside that dog. This virus hitched a ride on an update belonging to Nuance...I will say no more.

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