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2020-05-14 15:28:34

Best support ever!

Best support ever! After a year of using my nari ultimate, the charging port got loose so I contacted them. With just one live chat conversation they said that they will help me getting them replaced because IIRRC razer don't repair they replace. Will post update so far Excellent :)

Daniel Maclean
2020-05-04 13:15:15

My opinion of Razer

I have recently purchased two products, Razer Basilisk ultimate with Charging dock (Gaming Mouse) and Razer firefly version 2 (RGB Mouse matt), off of Razer via their website and I am very impressed with the products condition and the technology itself. It was delivered after only 3 - 4 days, with standard delivery, of waiting and arrived earlier then expected which is especially good considering that it was purchased and delivered during a global pandemic. I did not have to pay for shipping as I spent over £79.99, which considering most of their very good products are already above this price is very useful, but i believe that the shipping is a reasonable price. As well as that the products came packaged very securely and in a suitably sized box which adds to the security of the package. The only things keeping this from being a 5 star review is the price off the products and the functionality of the website. The price was £169.99 for the mouse and £50.00 for the mouse matt excluding VAT. This cumulatively ,including VAT, was about £230. Luckily i got 30% due to student discount so it ended up being about £180 but this is still overwhelmingly expensive. The functionality of the website is below what it should be for a professional tech website as some buttons took around 5 or 6 clicks to even attempt loading the page and some outright dint work until I reloaded the page. Despite this I would still recommend this business for all high end gaming product needs as they produce very good products and have reliable delivery times.

Angelos Pikoulas
2020-05-03 12:44:32

My experience with Razer was excellent

My experience with Razer was excellent, and TBH I was surprised to see all the negative experiences here with their customer service. I bought a Razer Core X external GPU (order RZGBPP0000053618716) from the UK in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic (Mid April 2020), without realizing it will ship from Hong Kong (I would hesitate to order if I knew it). The site promised delivery in 5 working days and I received in ~3 days!!! When I checked the delivery tracking I realized it arrived from Asia with a speedy courtier service! Great service. Then I was promised 10 pounds off if I subscribe to the mailing list, which I never received. I wrote to the Customer Service (case 200422-001576) and they replied within a few days and the made a refund to my PayPal right away! Awesomeness ;-)As for the product it self it works great, amazing value for money, its of great built quality and I can enjoy great GPU graphics from my little laptop using the external GPU. There were very few glitches to get the Nvidia drivers working, but I don't blame Razer for this, its mostly Windows, Intel & Nvidia to blame. Latest drivers work fine though, so overall I'm very happy with my purchase.

Lee Johnathan
2020-05-02 17:20:17

Greetings Readers,

My Overall experience with Razer has been decent and well served. I bought many items with the company and most the time the delivery time and product receive are always in quality condition. On top of the great Razer Customer Service.I will say that there had been only once occasion where my item was damage and it was the Stay Home Game On Poster however the customer service team was able to ensure and understand my concerns and frustration.At the very end was able to provide great customer service despite of everything else I will definitely come back to Razer to make more purchases. And that is why as a fellow Twitch Streamer we are happy to promote Razers Brand In Our Streams Keep Up The Good Work Razer Team! The struggle is hard but you always overexceed my expectations and I'm very happy to be one of your loyal customers! Go Team Razer!

Marley Boffa
2020-04-25 17:39:00

bought a mamba wireless mouse yesterday…

bought a mamba wireless mouse yesterday and its the best mouse ever!!

Marco Mariani
2020-04-24 15:31:33

I bought a razer core x some days ago…

I bought a razer core x some days ago and didn't worked immediately but support is exceptional, even during covid pandemic they are supporting customers like me.

2020-04-18 19:44:20

Do not buy a Blade unless you just like throwing away money!

Honestly it is a three because I think there Peripherals are pretty good. The Naga is my favorite mouse. 5 stars for me on that device. I just bought a Kraken as a secondary headset but my Steel Series destroys it. 3 Stars. I would give them a one star on the Blade. My advice is to never buy a computer from them if you do make sure you buy the extended warranty because you will need it. Literally used it 5 times in 8 mos due to traveling with work. Played Civ once and it was done. Sent it in and got it back in Sept 2019. Rona happens and I am home working and I play Ark and boom it is done. Thing was barely used but now I need it for at home work and I play one game and again it is done. Of course Warranty is over. It took about three to four weeks on responses to find out I have to pay for a diagnostic and for repairs (keep in mind I have not sent it in yet this is just to get responses on sending it in) but it is a bit understandable with what is going on right now. However, the laptop looks amazing but it will break on you. Read the numerous reviews. It's loud and gets really hot. You can not use it out as you will be disturbing the peace. I mean it is really loud. Sometimes you overpay for form factor and looks. For example an Apple. But an Apple works. A Blade will disappoint you.

eddy zee
2020-04-01 16:56:50

Worst customer service I've ever experienced

I am disgruntled because of how slow Razer’s customer service is. The product itself is wonderful, however. I would advise buying through Amazon if possible.

Mario Gazzio
2020-03-19 12:38:57

Deathadder is my favorite mouse

Deathadder is my favorite mouse. Perfectly ergonomic and precise for gaming.

2020-02-19 18:03:41

Razer is amazing the mice they sell are...

Razer is amazing the mice they sell are absolutely amazing and the shipping is really fast and the clothing they sell like the rain rain jackets are awesome and stylish. I definitely suggest Razer.

Inquisitor Chomag of the Ordo Malleus
2020-02-07 11:26:56

I'm saddened to see that Razer is no…

I'm saddened to see that Razer is no longer producing the Razer Mamba 2012 model.It's the only model that had two buttons on the front side near the left mouse button, and it was a huge help in online video games with lots of buttons, such as MMOs.I had 3 of them since it appeared.None of the newer models have those two buttons in that particular location, they're only on the left side of the mouse, and behind the mouse wheel, which isn't helping me that much.My current mouse, a Razer Mamber 2012, that I had for years is finally showing sings of wear, and I needed a replacement but there are no more of the 2012 model anywhere I looked, with the exception of Ebay, where there are used ones.I had to switch to a Logitech G502 because that one actually has the 2 buttons. And this is how a decade long history with Razer ends for me.

Shaun Yeldham
2020-02-02 15:06:42

Razer Blade 15

Great product highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking to buy a gaming laptop.

Liam Mclaughlin
2020-02-02 01:29:09

razer death adder

I got the razer death adder recently and it’s awesome great value.

Patrik “patman” Dahl
2020-01-19 12:02:09

love the product and stickers

really love razer products and the stickers are awesome

2020-01-18 12:44:33

Dell & Razer, shouldn't be allowed to sell..

I got the product early december, asked for RMA on 11th Dec and they haven't basicly answered me since. Or okay, they did but.. 4th Jan: "What was the order number?" (which was the first thing in the ticket)8th Jan: "Thanks, we will forward this to the right team"Also.. one of the two looked like It's been used by someone already.Edit 11.02.: When they finally answered after that, they've been actually helpful and fast.. is it because of my review? That's how it felt like. Doesn't matter. At the end of the day, I got what I wanted but if you order, be ready to wait if you need to return/fix.

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