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Shannon Dailey
2020-04-09 15:20:43

Easily the best Bra of all time

So, I'm a 38 DDD/E naturally (thanks grandma!) and finding any kind of good-fitting sports bra for horseback riding is a challenge. I thought my Victoria Sport bras were doing the job (they are great for jogging and yoga) until I saw video of me riding my horse. I looked like I wasn't even wearing a bra!! Let alone the discomfort in my back when riding which I had resigned myself to as a large chested woman. That video opened my eyes that I needed something better and started my search. SheFit was featured in an equestrian publication and was one of the top-reviewed bras so I decided to give it a try. To be fair, I've read a LOT of reviews and the complaints I've seen are that the material is too thick, it's "unsexy," it give you a uni-boob. Let me just state for the record, I don't care about any of that. I want SUPPORT so when I'm running my horse, it's not uncomfortable. I've got other bras for 'sexy' and the Victoria Sport bra I jog in was a double bra so the thickness doesn't bother me. Also for consideration: I'm coming off 3 broken ribs and a punctured lung so some days, I'm still feeling a degree of discomfort around my ribcage when I'm wearing a bra. It comes and goes and I was REALLY worried about this with the SheFit bra.Pro's:* AMAZING adjustability! I hate cross back or T-strap bras because they bother my neck. With SheFit, ladies you have OPTIONS!! - You can wear it with just shoulder straps (my personal favorite) or crisscross style. - It has a very strong rib cage belt that adjusts with velcro (strong velcro) so no more gap under the girls! and the shoulder straps give you excellent lift. * White glove treatment for us large chested women. Heaven is in the details! - hook and eye closures on the back side of the zipper to make zipping up by yourself a breeze!- fabric covering on the underside of the zipper so no scratchies. - Fabric cover at the top and bottom of the zipper pieces so no poking.- Excellent quality in all materials. - it COMES with a laundry bag!!! and a hair tie?!?!?! * Performance:- jumping jacks?? No problem! No bounce! - Horseback riding? No bounce! - Injured ribs? No problem at all! And if i need some room, i can easily adjust the velcro straps! * FIT: It is also comfortable! - I can lounge around, bend and stretch without tugging and pulling or being uncomfortable which is impressive for a bra this heavy duty. - No spillage or horrible bulging.* VERSATILITY! When I got the package, it says it can double as a bathing suit!!! WHAT?!?!?! I CANNOT WAIT until my next kayak trip! No more ill-fitting swim suit tops! This and board shorts and I'm done! This bra is a game changer!! It's a miracle bra! I can't wait to try out their sport leggings! CONS: * I wish they had more colors in the Ultimate Sports Bra. It seems colors are limited edition and sell out quickly. I saw some beautiful ones in the review section. I guess I will stalk the color releases. I'm definitely buying at least 2 more! * Cost. They are not cheap. The Ultimate Sports Bra retails for $65 but for me is well worth it especially since I can use it as a bathing suit too. It is very high quality and for me, that justifies the cost. I've paid $45-50 for good bras but they should last for YEARS. I've been wearing my core sports bras for 3 years and still wear them for everything but horseback riding. Highly recommend this bra!

Ali Harris
2020-04-07 00:44:57

I wanted to love this bra, but...

I wanted to love this bra. I’ve read great reviews and see tons of perky-breasted women raving about the fit. I finally splurged and purchased one. Well, I had major mono-boob. Absolutely no defined cups whatsoever. I ended up stuffing a cotton headband between my breasts to avoid sweating too much. I was able to get it adjusted to a comfortable fit. Everything was okay until about two hours into wearing it I noticed that I was very uncomfortable beneath the adjustable shoulder straps (the part just under the velcro section). The buckle or whatever piece was rubbing into my skin (on both sides) and it was awful. My skin was bright red and irritated. I immediately took it off. I tried it again the following day, but this time I adjusted the straps to be a little bit looser. No dice. Still red and painful. The company suggests using powder or some type of chafing ointment. I shouldn’t have to do that. Your product shouldn’t have irritating straps. It should have soft, seamless fabric on the shoulder straps - at least on the side that touches the skin. Since I am unable to return the bra, I will likely try to sell it or something. $70 down the drain. I’m very disappointed.

Caitlyn Gabrielle Menard
2020-01-30 09:06:25

I love my Shefit bras

I love my Shefit bras! I ride horses and barrel race so my ultimate sports bra has been a game changer! I always use to buy other name brand sports bras but the high impact ones never completely kept me from bouncing whenever I rode, which I expected them to do something given how I would pay close to $100 for them. The other issue was always that while my breast would require a larger size the large was too big around my chest so I wasn’t given the support I needed. Basically I needed a medium with the cups of a large, and that wasn’t easy to find and was left either spilling out or again not supported. Now as for the complaints, these are sports bras, they aren’t really suppose to be pretty (there are regular everyday bras you can buy if you want pretty). Uniboobs will happen, all sports bras I have used (which are high impact) will give you uniboobs. Second, given how they are made and how they work they are a little bulky, but again these are sports bras so you will pretty much only wear them to exercise where you don’t always look pretty. If you want a sports bra that looks pretty you can go spend more at the store but you won’t get the support might have been looking for. When I weighed less than I do now and my breast were smaller my old sports bras worked fine for me when I played volleyball in high school but now that I’ve grown they don’t cut it anymore and it’s worse when I’m riding a 1,200 lb animal going 20-30mph around 3 barrels. Add the days when I’m not doing that but spending 2 hours exercising them; not including the ones who decide to have ants in their pants and create an 8 second ride. No more pain when I ride and a product that is worth the money.

2020-01-22 03:38:15

game changer

This bra is an absolute game changer for the plus size chest. I’m a 44 j, and I really felt there is no way shefit would make a sports bra that actually allowed me too run again without a wired regular bra, an uncomfortable wired sports bra and a compression sports bra. Let alone even have my size. The 6 Luxe is perfect for me the adjustability makes this bra even better.

Sarah Strickland
2020-01-07 05:28:47

Awesome company

The product is exactly what was advertised. It was shipped right away with and I received it so quickly! There were prompt emails communicating the status of my order. It is quality material and the packaging is awesome. I absolutely love wearing it, the customizable fit is perfect. This has been a great experience and I will definitely order again.

Atticus Hollows
2019-11-27 06:55:47

Don't Expect A Great Product

I wear a 36DD and this bra (SheFit Flex) is just not made for my body. You either get a little support or a really uncomfortable bra. At least it's an upgrade from a $10 Walmart bra (except the Walmart bra is definitely softer and doesn't dig into my skin).If I tighten the band size, it digs into my ribs. If I loosen the band, my breasts aren't supported. Same for the straps except if I tighten them to where I'd need them for support, the sides of the bra dig into my underarms. Wearing a cami or tank top underneath the bra helps a lot. The claims of "no bounce" aren't even remotely true. There is very visible bounce even when I tighten it to an uncomfortable level. Maybe if you have a smaller chest than I do, it'll actually support you. I would absolutely not run in this bra, it's painful. (I'm in a Luxe1, I was in between Luxe, Luxe1, and Luxe2. I'm also 18 if that helps).

2019-10-27 22:52:42

Quick arrival and really fantastic…

Quick arrival and really fantastic packaging. Each item comes with a measuring tape and bag to wash your bra. Unfortunately, the product just isn't for me. I have scoliosis and the band was rolling up under me on one side as soon as I started my workout, only jogging it's sort of ok. Any bending over I'm back to yanking and tugging. I also felt that my bra came up slightly too high and the zipper was extremely unflattering under my top. I did not feel cute in it at all, mono boob to the max. Back to underwire sports bras for me. Oh my biggest complaint is I can't find a place to post an honest review like this anywhere on their can see the thousand or so perfect ones though, so that's pretty annoying.

Danielle Nelson
2019-09-17 14:06:02

I just got mine yesterday

I just got mine yesterday

Ariella Monique
2019-09-06 16:16:31

Good Bra But the Zipper is an ISSUE

I have ordered the Real Support SheFit Bra Luxe (large). I wear a 40D. It was a bit snug at first and I couldn't zip it up with the bra on, so I took it off and zipped it up, and then put it on. Once it is on, it does give me the LIFT and SUPPORT I desire but the only thing that DRIVE ME CRAZY about the Shefit Bra is the Zipper in the front. It does not lay down flat and it is almost impossible to conceal if you are wearing a fitting shirt. Its a "bump" right in the middle of your chest. Not attractive at all and if you are someone who dresses more on the modest side, then you are not walking around with just the bra on!!! You are putting a shirt over it. If they were to fix the ZIPPER ISSUE on this bra if would be awesome.

Lindsay Brooks
2019-07-03 18:51:21

Best bra ever!

2019-06-23 17:09:25

very disappointed

Even with the waist portion tightened as far as possible, my boobs fell out of the bottom, and the band is so bulky that it rolls. The bra is so tight on my boobs that they spill out of the top and the bra cuts into my chest. I feel like I cannot move and I am very uncomfortable in this bra. It rubs all over and leaves irritated skin and painful red marks. The clasps below the zipper cut into my breasts and the zipper bulges out and looks ridiculous under clothing. The bra is very bulky, uncomfortable, and stiff. The straps cut into my neck when working out and there is absolutely no separation. My waist fits a small and my bust fits a 1luxe. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with a large bust and small waist because they’re isn’t great sizing when it comes to coverage. Very disappointed with the amount of money I spent on this bra.

Mary Rachel Leach
2019-06-07 02:23:16

I love my shefit bra

I love my shefit bra. I have a F cup in regular bras, and it's so hard to find support that doesn't strangle you. I love the adjustable parts of this so that I can make it fit MY body, not some random size people have decided is the "average." I've been singing the praises to every woman I know since I bought it.

Casey James
2019-05-15 18:48:30

The best bra I’ve ever had!!!!

The best bra I’ve ever had!!!!! I’m heavy chested and this has helped soo much! No bounce

2019-05-05 14:25:22

Best bra ever

Best bra ever! No longer am I miserable while riding and training horses anymore!

Emily T.
2019-04-04 23:01:49

Not super comfy, but do what they're supposed to

I wouldn't call them the most comfortable bras I've ever worn but my boobs absolutely do not move once in them. They have a weird tendency to make my skin break out? Which is probably about how tight it is.

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