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2020-05-17 11:51:25

Its okay but I think I may have to…

Its okay but I think I may have to change, something easy to track for my business.

ella martin
2020-05-16 18:27:24

I love our USPS

I love our USPS! The current and previous USA administrations have been constantly chipping away at this service to undermine it. Different U.S. Gov. administrations created the Postal crisis. Congress can fix it. End the pre-funding mandate)(The postal service is essential for the people and businesses of the United States. The U.S. Gov. needs to work with the postal service instead of against it. Millions of people rely on the postal service).(Stop the unfair congressional mandates that are crippling the postal service, closing our local post offices, and threatening to cut universal service to every citizen in America.)(The US Postal Service is mandated by the US Constitution. Congressional interference in the delivery of mail to every citizen must be stopped.

2020-05-11 18:16:34

Shipping is unreliable

Shipping unreliable these days. I have 2 packages that were supposed to have arrived but as of yet haven't. One, originating in South River NJ, went to Toms River NJ, then to Jersey City NJ, and now it says it's in transit. Mind you, I live in Toms River...the package (prescription medicine) was in my post office, then they sent it to Jersey City. ?? Same thing is happening with an Amazon package. Originated in CT, it went to Trenton, then Toms River, now it's in Freehold! Inexcusable.

Michelle Maria
2020-05-06 19:52:58

The women & men who do parcel…

The women & men who do parcel deliveries and our mailman,are THE BEST!!!These people are working hard, especially with deliveries to my house and the people in my community. We are a 3 story condo and there is NO elevator. Enough said.... except for THANK YOU... and take a day off!!!SINCERELY,Michelle RobertsMillsboro, DE

2020-05-06 02:12:01

USPS is very reliable on packages as…

USPS is very reliable on packages as well,they try to keep package safe too and will ring yr bell

Pamela Mellison
2020-05-04 21:46:57

Packages Exposed

Good afternoon, I think USPS on Eastern Ave. should reconsider using a bin for customer's to put packages into because they are behind plastic due to to corona virus and they have know idea what customers are doing when that bin is out in the opening and they have limited vision being behind that plastic. It should be a better way to accept customers packages than that way. They can cut a slit at the button of the plastic to accept customers packages. This is way more safe than the packages being exposed. I took a priority package there on Sat. put into the bin which it already has a label on it and the package is not showing up in the system as being scanned. I called today and will be investigated. The way they have it setup at this location is not Safe and leaves customers packages exposed. Thank you

Denise S. Wood
2020-04-30 14:55:25

U.S.Postal Service

U.S.Postal Service, you are the "pony express" of today, mail delivery always here through all kinds of weather and virus seasons. Thank you sweet people, you are a national strategic resource!

Lakeisha Adams
2020-04-23 14:08:39

Top tier

Amazing in-store shopping. Genuine employees. I highly recommend. Mail men/women that deliver are astonishing and much appreciated.

2020-04-23 09:11:26

I see a lot of bad reviews here but I…

I see a lot of bad reviews here but I have to say that USPS always helped me when I needed.

Ever Lasting
2020-04-20 02:45:50

They are better than you think

I feel like everyone here is upset about one bad experience that may or may not have been USPS's fault. its the most reliable delivery service to me and is the least likely to rip me off. They deliver as quickly as they can, and can only help you based on given information, believe it or not they don't know everything. if your item has not been received by USPS they can't help you. Why do you think your bills get mailed to you through them, they are cheap, reliable, and convenient. Much better than UPS or Fedex.

Dylan Bayleef
2020-04-17 23:53:05

What is all of your guys problem?

Why are you complaining about USPS? I always get my packages through this service fast, even regular envelopes come quick. I don't know if it is because where you live, but USPS is a reliable company for me. Much better than my experiences with UPS or FedEx. Even with the Covid-19 outbreak, my packages and parcels come extremely fast 90% of the time! Stop complaining, our mail could be like China Post and take 7 months to get somewhere or always get lost but it isn't. Grow the fuk up and also grow some pubes while your at it fukking kids

2020-04-15 12:24:11

I have no connection to the USPS...

I have no connection to the USPS, but I think they do a helluva job, considering they have to deliver to every address, unlike private companies, who can pick and choose, and impose surcharges when delivery is inconvenient. I'd like to see anyone do better.

Trenton Hamilton
2020-04-10 18:52:41

best service

best service my mail carrier is the nice to be and they deliver my packages on time

2020-04-08 22:10:41

Just still cannot understand you guys

Sandra Petersen
2020-03-26 21:54:13

Well oiled machine

Since starting my dotcom business six years ago I have shipped thousands of packages all over the world without loss or damage. I consider the US Post Office a valuable and cost effective business partner.

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