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Lea Breslin
2020-05-18 09:57:40

I've been using vimeo for quite a bit…

I've been using vimeo for quite a bit now, and very much satisfied with the service! Even the free works okay!

2020-04-29 00:03:48

Positive help from customer service!

so, to be honest, from prior reviews regarding non-responsive customer service, I was getting a bit uneasy when I, too, hadn't heard anything following my request for a refund for an upgrade to Pro Unlimited which I did a week ago. Decided to stick w/ the Pro plan at least for a while longer and think through options. I did indeed hear back from two different reps in response to the three or so messages I left. They were Jillian and Amanda were very helpful, apologized for the delay and noted they have apparently been swamped w/ email during this COVID mess. Refund is already in process as of an hour ago. I did, as I said, send more than a few messages and kept things positive. Been happy with the service thus far.

Cristian Baitg
2020-03-13 21:40:11

Quite expensive and important limitations in the lower tier plans

The value you receive from this service is too expensive for what you get. Even with a pro account you can only upload 20Gb a week so if you pretend to upload Prores video like for short films you will have to get the pro unlimited account that at close to 400$ a year is crazy when you have free services like Youtube. Quality of videos is good. Much better than Youtube but I think they go to far

Staggcreek Rick
2019-08-09 15:25:13

Best Free Movie Finder has better…

Best Free Movie Finder has better movies. Sorry Vimeo, but your site is hard to navigate and has a lot of porn and filth, I'm giving you 5 stars only because I hate to be negative towards other people's work. Just Google "Best free movie finder"

Jack Olantern
2019-06-10 17:38:36

This company made me set up an account only to cancel it.

This company made me set up an account, and then tried to get me to pay big bucks for it, when all I wanted to do was post a Review. I took the time to set up the free account, then took the time to write a very detailed Review, but then when I tried to post the Review, I got a message saying Vimeo cancelled my account via an automated bot due to it failing certain filters. I then disputed it on an online form, and a couple hours later they then emailed me saying they made a mistake, and my account had been re-instated. After reading some of the other Reviews I'm not sure if I will keep my account at this point.

2019-04-04 11:22:13

Too much money

So, im not somoene who has uploaded a video here or got plus membership, just to tell you.Everything you need to do on vimeo you have to upgrade. Thats right, wanna upload more videos? "Upgrade now to PLUS for 5$"Wanna see stats of your videos? "Upgrade now to PLUS for 5$"Wanna upload bussiness videos? "Upgrade now to PRO for 15$ or you lose your account" <<< What i said here is true. Pay 15$ or lose accountWanna use review tools? "Upgrade now to PRO for 15$"And something that most people dont notice, as you know, the maximum storage space on BASIC (free) plan is 5G if lets say the buy PLUS and get 250G of storage space and then you downgrade to BASIC (free). You have a few days to upgrade again before you lose your videos (250G of data!). So, pay, pay, pay, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade

2019-02-18 08:53:59

are we talking about the same thing?

are we talking about the same thing?vimeo video platform if you have a business you dont use "*cant say*"i never had any problems. They answered me very fast when asking about privacy Stuff.the upload and video management is pretty good and generally i do not understand the hateworked really well for me so farkinda confused now...Please someone say something or a statement...

Eric Hutcheson
2018-08-04 22:27:35

A great place for unique content …

A great place for unique content from users and mainstream producers. Never have had any problems with Vimeo.

Notorious Mr. G.
2018-07-28 20:27:31

I try to buy Dominion on demand for a…

I try to buy Dominion on demand for a hole week now and still it didn't work. asking every time for creditcard while there is enough money on my paypal. Vimeo thank you everything worked out fine in the end.

2017-09-03 14:29:12

Vimeo are ok

Vimeo are ok, but they take a big cut from sales and there code link system is a bit ropey.

2017-01-29 23:58:14

Seems good.

I dunno whats the problem commented by people. Subscriptions, what subscriptions? A point of view of a person just watching vids - a quite nice service to look for clips or some entertainment videos. Just that simple, no business, no registering or whatever.

2016-05-03 16:01:19

Vimeo on demand

I have been using the vimeo on demand service for a little while now.Got the whole of the Tim Ferris experiments season for a great price!!No issues so far, quick downloads, good prices, would use again :)

Philippe Boullanger
2016-02-16 07:25:16


love it... good experience..

2015-08-27 15:23:09


A great site for videos of all types. Be careful though as some have "adult" content.

Charles Williams
2015-08-27 02:52:35

Much better quality than Youtube!

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